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  • 2007 NASA Aerospace Battery Workshop, Huntsville, AL USA, Nov 27-29, 2007 | reported by Ned Isaacs | MEETING REPORT | January 2008 | A B T |
    The NASA Aerospace Battery Workshop is an annual event hosted by the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. The workshop is quite a bargain since attendance is free! It is sponsored by the NASA Aerospace Flight Battery Systems Program and has been held in Huntsville, Alabama, for 18 years. Jeff Brewer
  • Sealing Challenges For The Medical Industry
    are made of metal and conductive elastomers. Polymers extruded and formed into long pieces with hollow cross sections can be economically formed into a variety of seals, including O-rings and molded shapes. Designing elastomeric seals for pressurized-fluid systems in military and aerospace vehicles
    Hard-coat (Type III) anodized aluminum alloys have been used by the military, aerospace, automotive, and other industries for applications where superior hardness and wear resistance are required. In recent years there has been a great interest in sealing and dyeing hard-coated aluminum in order
  • Security of Flight Doors Improved Through Use of MTI-2100 Fotonic Sensor
    how well the mechanism responds to instantaneous cockpit open/close commands. A key supplier to the aerospace industry who manufactures many types of solenoid door latches was faced with the requirement to measure the motion of the lock plunger. These latch assemblies, a key safety feature in flight
  • Down-to-earth role for imidized polymers
    Imidized polymers, once thought too exotic for all but aerospace components, now serve in more down-to-earth applications thanks to optimized formulations and broader processing options. Designers of the B-2 Stealth Bomber or Lunar Lander probably didn't hesitate specifying imidized polymers
  • ABT Online :: Advanced Battery Technology ::
    New from Australia is the Electruck ET-150-72 equipped with DC motor and lead-acid batteries for off-road use. Based on its recent analysis of the lithium-ion power sources market for medical, military and aerospace applications, Frost & Sullivan has presented Quallion LLC of Palo Alto, California
  • Protective Materials for Maritime Vessels (.pdf)
    As early as 1950 a new generation of composite materials was being developed to support the offshore oil & gas, aerospace, and defense industries. These materials included syntactic foams, glass and ceramic-based hollow micro and macrospheres, unique polymers, elastomers, and rubber. Today
  • Dielectric Materials for Use in Radomes
    , materials are needed with combined characteristics of good dielectric properties coupled with structural strength, durability, and chemical inertness. Polyurethane foam is subsequently used in a myriad of industries such as aerospace, medical, construction, marine, and composite core. General Plastics

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