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  • How to Specify the Right Multi-Agitator Mixer for Your Application
    sophisticated than their predecessors of only a few years. ago. Advances in agitator design, powder/liquid induction, heat transfer, and control design have. made them even more capable and efficient. They are ideally suited to handle the current trend. that we have observed toward more demanding product
  • Dry Blender Selection Criteria - Vertical & Horizontal Designs
    costs. The buyer must choose between. using an over-sized motor and agitator shaft that are capable of providing the peak. horsepower and strength needed to get the batch moving or a smaller motor that is. appropriate for operating the blender once it is running. The first choice is. wasteful
  • Rotor Stator Mixer Design Shifts Into High Gear
    this problem, especially when viscosity exceeds 10,000 cps. A shaft-mounted propeller can generate axial flow (and also accelerate the addition of dry solids that require a vigorous vortex). An anchor agitator can move material from the vessel wall toward the rotor/stator generator. But as vessel size
  • Copper Crud Treatment, concentration dependent pond depth adjustment for decanter centrifuges, DControl (R)
    and undissolved solids, such as sand,. transported in the PLS cause problems in conjunction with incorrect agitator design. The. crud fraction can decisively impact the efficiency of the hydrometal extraction because. the phase interface can constitute a large fraction and the sedimentation tanks
  • Machine Design Article: Your CFD Problem May Be Simpler Than You Think
    The process tank shows fluid entering the tank from an inlet at the top center and much of it exiting the port to the top right. Streamlines indicate that little of the inlet fluid reaches the agitator or mixes with the tank fluid.
  • Medical Device Link .
    - to large-scale hollow plastic components ranging from 6-in.-diam containers to 20,000-gal tanks. Recent applications of rotational molding in the medical device field include squeeze-bulb-type ear syringes, dental chairs, cases for resuscitators, medical carts, foam-filled tubs, and biomedical agitator tanks
    , hardfaced mechanical seals, EAS components. Stator. Rotor. can be freely handled, and even dropped without damage. Rotor. EAS seals are effective on horizontal stock chest agitators – on. Driving Elastomer. cantilevered shafts and on older through shafts and midfeather agitator. designs. The fully-split
  • New Rules of Mixer Specification and Testing
    in most categories (“categories” such as Double Planetary Mixers,. Multi-shaft Mixer hybrids, and rotor/stator High Shear Mixers) far more versatile than. they were before. • New agitator designs have emerged. • New technology has allowed us to combine dissimilar agitators more effectively. for better

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