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  • Research and Markets: China Air Compressor Industry Report, 2014-2017

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/fwsjr3/china_air) has announced the addition of the "China Air Compressor Industry Report, 2014-2017" report to their offering. In recent years, with steady growth of China''s economy and sustained expansion of fixed-assets investment in equipment manufacturing industry, air compressor has been widely used in various industries like mining, metallurgy, power, electronics, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceut

  • Does the Inverter Type Split AC Energy Efficiently?

    Hi; Normally simple split type air conditioners have been using for many years but now many companies have introduced "inverter type" split ACs in which compressor is powered via an inverter. The companies quote such ACs as "energy efficient" because system controls the compressor RPM according

  • Nederman Receives Order Worth SEK 22 Million

    STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News: Nederman (STO:NMAN) has received an additional order of two complete gas turbine inlet air filtration systems. The inlet systems will be installed on new turbines used for electric power generation in the USA. The order is worth SEK 22 million. The Nederman solution includes a self-cleaning cartridge filter system, evaporative cooling, and silencer and will reduce ambient outdoor dust to a level sufficient to protect the turbine compressor and intern

  • What Are The Small Bubbles In Boiling Water Made Of?

    Please don't say Steam! I have closely studied the process of water boiling. I designed and built a low temperature alcohol distillation system that utilized a heat pump and air compressor so I do have some experience with fluid dynamics; however, I recently bought a glass water boiler and stud

  • Air Products Converts Wastewater Gas to Hydrogen Fuel

    Air Products began pumping hydrogen generated from a California municipal wastewater treatment plant into fuel cell vehicles this month. In addition to generating hydrogen, the project also creates electricity and heat for the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) in Fountain Valley, CA. Methane gas from the facility''s wastewater treatment holding tanks enters a purification system and then feeds into a fuel cell where it is reformed to hydrogen. This fuel cell produces electricity for use at the OCSD facility. Hydrogen not used by the fuel cell in creating electricity to operate the facility is further purified to vehicle grade for automobile fuel cells. According to Air Products, the process will produce enough hydrogen to fuel 25 to 50 electric vehicles per day, plus generate 250 kilowatts of electricity for the plant. Hydrogen from renewable sources is required to be in the mix in fueling stations in California. The project received partial funding from the United States Department of Energy and involved the OCSD, Air Products, FuelCell Energy (a fuel cell manufacturer), the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California, Irvine, the California Air Resources Board and the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Air quality is a major issue in this Southern California region, and emissions are heavily regulated. The project seeks do demonstrate how power, heat and a transportation fuel with no emissions can be generated from a renewable source. Other feedstock sources such as agricultural, food, and brewery wastes and landfill gas can also use this technology. Air Products is a global supplier of hydrogen and has been a leader in developing hydrogen fueling stations with more than 50 patents in hydrogen dispensing technology. Air Products has long served the huge industrial market for hydrogen, where it is used in refining crude oil, in treating metals, and to hydrogenate oils and fats in the food industry. Other important uses are found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in the manufacture of semiconductors. While many see hydrogen as the fuel of the future, it cannot compete economically today with the major hydrocarbon fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal. According to the National Energy Education Development Project (www.need.org), hydrogen from electrolysis is ten times more costly than natural gas and three times more costly than gasoline per Btu. In a two-page white paper on hydrogen (download the PDF here), NEED explains that industry produces most of its hydrogen in a process called steam reforming, where high-temperature steam separates hydrogen from the carbon atoms in methane (CH4). While the NEED paper calls this the most cost effective way to produce hydrogen, it points out the downside is it uses fossil fuels both in the manufacturing process and as the heat source. Unless, of course, the methane comes from wastewater. Then you''ve got a whole new equation, which is what Air Products hopes to demonstrate in Fountain Valley. Don DunningtonBlog Moderator

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Central Air Compressor Co.
FS Curtis Air Compressors: Central Air Compressor

Since 1854, the FS CURTIS ® brand has empowered generations with the air power needed to turn visions into reality. Central Air Compressor is an authorized distributor of FS Curtis lines of: Reciprocating Compressors. Rotary Screw Compressors. Oil Free Compressors. CLICK to learn more about our products.    Central Air Compressor is a top supplier of energy efficient air compressors, dry air systems, purification, and industrial process chillers. The equipment is supported...

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Hush Air Compressor

The quietest Breathing Air compressor on the market. A complete compressor assembly with maximum open frame air flow design, featuring our Fresh Air Purification System capable of up to 120,000 scf.CFM/liters range from 22 to 40 cfm/609 to 722 liters. Horsepower 15 - 20 - 30, at 6000psi/413bar. Featuring Scott Safety X4 Controller with automatic control & indicator panel and high temperature/low oil shut down. Auto drain system with muffler reservoir. Stage gauge panel. Emergency stop...

Ultra Electronics Precision Air & Land Systems (PALS)
High performance air compressors

Our range of compact high performance, high pressure, air compressor and motor modules is designed for use in conjunction with filtration modules and electronic control units to form complete compressor and filtration  systems.  . Applications. Generation of air on-board military airborne and land based platforms. Production of high pressure air for use within cooling IR detector cooling systems, pneumatic ‘cold gas ’ stores ejection systems, and other specialised...