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  • Control of Welding Fume Particulates using Cleanable Filter Media as it relates to Hexavalent Chromium
    Herein, a Sentry Air Systems product study of hexavalent chromium particles, [Cr(VI)], is reported. Due to the popularity of extended life cleanable filter media and health concerns regarding hexavalent chromium exposure in the work place, Sentry Air Systems conducted a study of the efficacy
  • Research Models High-Efficiency Materials In Air Filters
    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Devices that contain air filters may have to run at slower speeds if they want to use new, high-efficiency filter media to their full potential, according to a study at Ohio State University. The study revealed that at high airspeeds, dust particles or other contaminants
  • ePTFE Membrane - Reverse Air Baghouse (.pdf)
    woven fiberglass with ePTFE membrane to solve this problem. Midwesco's 107TEX uses a micro-porous ePTFE membrane to enhance air flows, reduce media drag and enhance ash release. Midwesco had filter bags and installation crews on-site within three weeks after receiving the order. Our crews, working
  • Selecting the Proper Filter Element/Media For Your Collector and PM 2.5 Compliance (.pdf)
    The EPA is issuing bulletins so that citizens will know whether the air quality where they live and work is healthful or unhealthful. Health studies have shown significant associations between exposure to PM 2.5 and premature death from heart or lung disease. Fine particles can also aggravate heart
  • Industrial Hygiene Report: Control of Hydrochloric Acid Vapors in a Lab Setting
    TEST OBJECTIVE: A test was set up in accordance with NIOSH Test Method 7903 to test for airborne concentrations of inorganic acids, in this case HCl. The test objective was to determine the effectiveness of Sentry Air Systems' Acid Gas filter media in keeping operator ambient hydrochloric acid
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Bacteria and Virus Retention in Air by Microporous Membranes The key to using filters effectively is to understand the characteristics of hydrophobic membranes. There are many different types of filter media, including membrane filters, depth media, carbon
  • Using Nanotechnology for More Efficient Dust Collection
    , a frame that holds one or several cartridge filters. Dust-laden (dirty) air enters the dust collector and passes through the cartridge filter's media, leaving most of the dust on the filter's exterior (dirty side) and embedded within the media, while clean air passes to the cartridge's interior
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Asphalt Roofing/Shingle
    This particular Air Pollution Control System is operating on an Asphalt Roofing & Shingle Manufacturing Plant production line. Typically, Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector Systems are stand alone systems designed to capture and collect liquid mists and submicron particles from industrial
  • Ineffective Cleaning in Generic Baghouses (.pdf)
    of 5:1. That means for every 5 CFM of airflow, there is 1 square foot of media used to filter the air. This has been the industry standard for over 50 years. This standard cleaning system is not perfect and it has several inherent problems. First, due to the proximity between the orifice and throat
  • Why Does the Gold Cone Work So Well?
    The pleated filter cone in the middle of the Gold Cone cartridge has four benefits: 1) adds additional media area to the cartridge to allow for more airflow per cartridge in a more compact space than has ever been achieved before, 2) the hole in the bottom of the filter opens up more useable area
  • MICRO: Defect/Yield Analysis - Kumar (January 2001)
    cleanrooms. The outgassing of these compounds from HEPA or ULPA filter polyurethane material (also known as potting compounds) has disrupted processing at several semiconductor facilities. Potting compounds are used to seal the edges of the pleated filter media to HEPA and ULPA filter housings

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