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  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of Aircraft Components
    Many applications exist in the aircraft industry that can benefit from ultrasonic cleaning. Typical applications include brake parts, generator components, actuators, shuttle valves, filters, engine blades and vanes, aircraft wheels and bearings. Turbine blades and nozzle vanes from jet engines
  • Needle Bearings
    Needle bearings are roller bearings with rollers that have high length-to diameter ratios. They are used in farm and construction equipment, automotive transmissions, small gasoline engines, gear pumps, small appliance and tool motors, alternators, and aircraft controls. Needle bearings are usually
  • Aluminum-Alloy Bearings
    equipment, roll-neck bearings in steel mills, reciprocating compressors, and aircraft equipment. Aluminum alloys require sufficient lubrication, good surface finish, and shafts hardened to about Rockwell B85. They have relatively poor compatibility characteristics and lack embeddability
  • Iron-Based Superalloys
    by high temperature as well as room-temperature strength and resistance to creep, oxidation, corrosion, and wear. Wear resistance increases with carbon content. Maximum wear resistance is obtained in alloys 611, 612, and 613, which are used in high-temperature aircraft bearings and machinery parts
  • Fighting friction with solid-film coatings
    . The second reason for using low-friction coatings is to handle applications that can't use fluid as the primary lubricant. Examples include nonmetallic bearings made from fiber, plastic, composites, or paper in instrument and aircraft applications. The coating also reduces friction in the bearing
  • Good grease, good landing
    bearing seals to test for corrosion resistance in the test greases. Wheel assemblies were exposed to a far more aggressive wash than what is considered standard procedure. The E-2C Hawkeye is the Navy's all-weather advance intelligence aircraft. Its long-range radar assists battle-cruiser groups
  • Monitoring Complex Extrusion Machinery Requires Focused Approach
    on certain industries (turbo machines, aircraft, etc) with very good results. MTC are the experts in extruder gearbox monitoring, with systems installed on more of these gearboxes than all other vibration analysis vendors combined.
  • 100 years of flight - Keep them flying : Avionics
    . It was designed to let ground operators discern one aircraft's radar return from another's. Returning Parrot pulses from a plane were used to plot that aircraft's range and bearing on a radar scope and contained coded information such as mission status, fuel remaining, or indicated an emergency. During the war
  • Comparative Study of Military Specified General Purpose Synthetic Aviation Lubricants in Regards to Wear Performance, Corrosion Prevention and Salt Water Resistancy (.pdf)
    MIL-PRF-81322 has been used for many years as a wide temperature (-54 to 177ºC) aviation lubricant. Recently, MIL-PRF-32014 has shown improvement with enhanced wear and corrosion resistance. Various military aircraft component testing will be discussed, both bench and field. A lubricant comparison
  • Joining Composites
    Mechanical fasteners, adhesives, or both are used to join composites. The joining technique used on a particular composite depends on the application and the material composition. For instance, composites used in aircraft are usually joined by a combination of mechanical fasteners and adhesives

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