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  • Re: Color Standard for factory pipes

    OSHA Standard 29CR1910.144 calls for the marking of physical hazards and as for pipes and all others, Refer to ANSI Z53.1, Z35.1, Z35.2, Z35.4, and if you have any radio frequency radiation hazards, use ANSI C95.2 Are you in the U.S.? If so I pulled all that information out of an Industrial Sh...

  • Re: Colour Coding of Shafts

    You see the color coding raise a question: is there an actual standard or regulation nationwide or worldwide? As far as I know using ISO standard is one of the standard code you can follow. Manufacturer can follows any standard ( and there are many out there) they want as long as it respect the gene...

  • Re: European to ASTM Conversions

    Hello Israel, I am looking but there is a whole lot of sites which actually list these standards for comparison. See below: ISO DIN ASTM Conversion Chart These methods may not necessarily be identical but are similar in principle or apparatus, or both. METHOD DIN...

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