Products/Services for Auto Parts Cross Reference Guide

    Auto Dialers - (16 companies)
    Auto dialers are alarms that send signals when equipment malfunctions, a process variable exceeds a predefined limit, or another alarm-triggering event occurs. Both hard-wired and wireless products are available. Hard-wired auto dialers require...
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  • Voltage Reference Chips-Image
    Voltage Reference Chips - (91 companies)
    Voltage references are electronic circuits that produce a constant output voltage (reference) that is used to compare other voltages in a system. Shunt and Voltage References. Voltage references are electronic circuits that produce constant output...
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    Guide Shoes - (12 companies)
    Guide shoes are bull-nose devices attached to the bottom of the casing string. They protect the casing string from impact, enable passage through narrow or deviated boreholes, and direct away from ledges reducing the chance of sidewall cave-in...
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  • Crimp Tools-Image
    Crimp Tools - (385 companies)
    ...replacement for soldered terminations. This article does not reference hose crimping processes. Crimp tools are designed for the connection of electrical and metal components by cutting, stripping, bending, and deforming. Crimpers differ mainly by the die...
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  • Guide Bushings and Drill Bushings-Image
    Guide Bushings and Drill Bushings - (146 companies)
    Drill bushings are used to guide drills and other tools. A bushing may be attached to the drill or rotary tool, or inserted into a jig to control hole location and depth. A drill guide is used for precise and accurate hole drilling. There are many...
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    Motion Reference Units (MRU) - (10 companies)
    Motion reference Units (MRU) is a solid state motion reference device capable of measuring pitch, roll, heave, and heading to a high degree of accuracy Motion reference units (MRU) determine the orientation of an object relative to an inertial frame...
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    Calibration and Reference Standards - (442 companies)
    Calibration standards and reference sources include any source that can provide a reference for the calibration of an instrument or comparison of a material or component. How to Select Calibration and Reference Standards. Image Credit: Fisher...
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    Viscosity Standards and Reference Fluids - (13 companies)
    Viscosity standards and reference fluids are oils, fluids, greases, or gels with stable and verified viscosity values and flow properties for calibration of viscometers, rheometers, and other standards. Viscosity standards and reference fluids...
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    Color Swatches and Reference Systems - (29 companies)
    Color swatches and reference systems consist of a set or palette of chips, swatches or panels with different colors for calibration of color instruments, painting blending systems, and for color selection. How to Select Color Swatches and Reference...
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    Industrial Lubricants - (1528 companies)
    It is used to depict limits by which lubricants are classified based on rheology. The number referenced, referred to as the weight of the oil, defines viscosity grade. The suffix "W" denotes winter grades and viscosity is measured at cold-start...
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  • Federal Register > Tuesday, March 5, 2002 > [67 FR 9919] Guides for the Rebuilt, Reconditioned, and Other Used Automobile Parts Industry
    Therefore, a cross reference to the Environmental Marketing Guides has been added as a footnote to section 20.1(b) of the Used Auto Parts Guides.
  • WNSamples (\
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    Unique identifier for each record in this table. AUTO -INTPersonalCallbackListID Cross - references a record that has been moved from the contact_list to this table. Campaign ID (if the record was originally dialed as part of a campaign). Outbound Option Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Hosted 8.5(1) .
  • Intel® CE 6354 DVB-T Demodulator - Overview
    … 6354 DVB-T demodulator also features excellent single-frequency network SFN performance, unique auto active impulse noise … Download the Zarlink* to Intel part number cross reference guide .
  • Technical mechanism. Statics
    … as lesson of the relationships between movements and forces finds its precipitation in part III of this … … 59, 69, 73, 101 -, mounting forces 69 -, flexural moment 79 -, normal force 79 -, transverse force 79 with … -, car 19 -, truck-mounted crane 202 -, excavator 57, 201 -, beam 30 -, building crane 204 … … 52 -, Kran hook 27 -, hospital bed 72 -, circular disc 41 -, lamp 8, 77 -, conductor 190 -, lying support 51 … … movement possibility 61, 163 reference axis 157 reference point …
  • The photosynthesis as renewable energy
    Electrochemical measurements were carried out with a computergesteuerten potentiostat (car rennet PGSTAT12, Metrohm car rennet B.V., Utrecht; control software: General pure pose Electrochemical system (GPES) version 4.9). … / Ag Cl-electrode (3,5 M KCl) described how in section 2.6 as reference electrode. Image 2-6: Used transverse vernetzer. a) PEG-DGE, b) Dithiol linker, c) diamine-linker … element (PXI-1033 Munich, National instrument Germany GmbH) with programmable DC precision network part (PXI-4110; control …
  • Image registration with auto-mapped control volumes.
    Instead of attempting to find their correspondences in the reference image through user interaction, in the proposed method, each of the control regions is mapped to the corresponding part of the reference image by using an automated image registration algorithm. A normalized cross -correlation (NCC) function or mutual information was used as the auto -mapping metric and a limited memory Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno algorithm (L-BFGS) was employed to optimize the function to find the optimal mapping. … deformable registration, the established correspondence by the auto-mapped control volumes provides valuable guidance for the registration …
  • Surface operation automation research for airport tower and flight deck automation
    … would likely be used, with subsequent clearances to be abbreviated with identifiers for referencing the pre-clearance. For instance, if the taxi involves crossing an active runway, the first part of the clearance may involve taxiing to the active runway, with the second part of the clearance issued as soon as it is confirmed that the crossing will not … 2) Auto -Taxi Functions … taxi capability consists of two levels of automation functions for precision taxi: a guidance function for converting …