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  • ARMEX (R) Cleans Critical Molds for Automotive Component Manufacturer
    . During the mold production process, the temperature of the mold typically reaches 250 A F. ARMEX® - Baking Soda Abrasives: Case Studies - Cast Mold Cleaning: Component Parts. Armex Applications Application Selection Aerospace & Automotive Architecture Cleaning & Restoration Cast Mold Cleaning Food
  • High-Performance Ceramics for Automotive Components
    . The use of SPK® ceramic cutting materials and precision tools in automotive manufacturing ensures the efficient production of vehicle components made of cast iron or hardened steels. A . B . C . D . E . F . G . H . I . J . K . L . M . N . O . P . Q . R . S . T . U . V . W . X . Y . Z. A. Actuators
  • Hawk: Rapid Measurement of Automotive Components
    Since Vision Engineering launched its Mantis stereo viewing system, over 100,000 units have been installed for industrial, medical, research, educational and other applications. Among the more fascinating of these is hair transplant surgery - an expanding bio-medical sector where Mantis has become
  • Technical Article: Automotive Leak Testing
    Leak Testing of automotive components or assemblies to newer emission specifications or tighter OEM specifications is challenging. ATC, Inc. has extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive industry, and helped to develop some of these specifications such as fuel and vapor components
  • A Tiered Automotive Supplier's Drive To Success
    on the West Coast.”. “Initially we bought SEYI presses for their value,” Bruce reports. “They were lower in cost and suited the kind of work Walker was doing at the time. Through our transition from electronic components to automotive components, we found that SEYI presses were capable of running bigger
  • Why Risk Poor Precision Metal Stamping Quality? Automotive Industry Averts Risk with APQP.
    Precision metal stampings are a critical component of so many products. Automotive components, medical devices, electronic parts - all contain metal stampings. For the part or the device to function properly, the stamping needs to be free of defects and of perfect quality. Why Risk Poor Precision
  • AlliedSignal Automotive Brake Division Improves Productivity with ARMEX (R)
    AlliedSignal Automotive Brake Division manufacturers 50,000 castings a day as a tier one supplier to the "Big Three" automotive companies. Most of the castings (made from ductile iron at this foundry) are key components of automobile brakes, such as the housing and calipers. These castings are made
  • Automotive / Aerospace Application Profile (.pdf)
    media blasting systems are used to remove paint and. other coatings on projects that vary from small automotive components. to components for various aircrafts. The level of complexity of plastic. media blasting ranges from manual blast rooms to fully automated. robotic systems, which reduce

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  • Logistic management in the car industry
    the production depth • carries Modularisierung of vehicle parts • of supplier diversity • number of the production positions • strategy of program planning • of delivering concepts Increasing vehicle complexity • necessarily to an increasing complexity of the werksinternen and werksübergreifenden...
  • Manual motor vehicle electronics
    One distinguishes the own diagnosis, namely the permanent self-monitoring of electronic vehicle components during the operation and the Off Board-diagnosis, namely the function test certain vehicle components through an external testing device, e.g. through a workshop-tester (image 1...
  • Industrial aviation management
    This approval periphery also encloses the aircraft components (inclusive engines and auxiliary gas turbines) provided itself these in the built-in state befinden.12 • B Rating (- Rating): Authorized to the maintenance of developed engines and auxiliary gas turbines (Apus) as well...
  • Chassis manual
    Corrsys-Datron of technicians supported the sensor systems and engineers everywhere there in the world, where vehicles and to be developed vehicle components or the driving properties to be tested.
  • Manual road accident reconstruction
    ...accident type: characteristics and characteristics of the accident position Reifenspuren the traffic control light ratios road attachment road condition weather lanes Walkspuren braking tracks Driftspuren Reifenabdrücke throwing tracks Kratzspuren the discontinuity in tire tracks tracks of vehicle parts abrasive tracks position of...
  • Chassis manual
    Tropic Rw (turning radius, cercle de braquage): the circular arc, that the furthest out extending the vehicle parts by the greatest steering stop to describe (image 1-42).
  • A Successful Transformation?
    Finally, Chapter 7 is partially based on Pavlínek P (2003) Transformation of the Czech Automotive Components Industry through Foreign Direct Investment.
  • United States Automotive Materials Partnership LLC (USAMP)
    Structural Automotive Components from Composite Materials (ACC007) ..............................