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  • Ball Bearing Radial Play (Internal Clearance)
    a variety of conditions. Typically, ball and other rolling element bearings are designed and assembled with a slight amount of internal looseness between the rolling elements (balls), and the raceways. This looseness results in both radial play and axial play in the bearing. Radial Play (Internal
  • Medical Device Link .
    for speed, ease of use, and efficiency. A user of the Twist-N-Ject stopcock attaches a syringe containing fluid medicine to the axial port located on top of the lever, twists the syringe barrel to point the lever toward the desired port, and then injects the medicine. Patents and 510(k) clearance have
  • Fundamentals of Helical Gears
    In Figure 5-2 the gear train has a difference of numbers of teeth of only 1; z1 = 30 and z2 = 31. This results in a reduction ratio of 1/30. SECTION 6 HELICAL GEARS. The helical gear differs from the spur gear in that its teeth are twisted along a helical path in the axial direction. It resembles
  • Ball vs Sleeve: A Comparison in Bearing Performance
    systems can generate enough heat to destroy years worth of work. A design engineer needs a reliable fan that will maintain system cooling and protect against system meltdown. Most engineers believe that a quality axial fan is the answer to this threat. Yet, many engineers debate over which bearing
  • Shaft Loading and Sealing vs. Bearing Life Expectancy
    to. consider - radial and axial. Radial loading is the perpendicular. force applied. to the shaft. Common. causes of radial loading include misalignment of the. shaft when mounted or use of items such as pulley. and gears. Axial loading is the parallel force, or force. applied along the same direction
  • How to Maintain Joint Integrity When Converting from Metal to Plastic
    The weakest sections of many plastic part designs are the. joints and assembly points. During screw assembly of mating. components, the screw has to be tightened with sufficient torque. to produce the recommended axial tension load between the. host component and the threads of the screw in order
  • Understanding Web Guide Accuracy
    ". The following graph illustrates accuracy versus. bearing axial clearance, and mechanical deflection of the. error velocity for a. guide structure. Each type of web guide has several rules. high gain system. for installation including span lengths, wrap angles, pivot. with no backlash. location
  • Design Characteristics of Radial Bearings
    Single row radial ball bearings with balls separated by a cage can support radial loads, axial loads and tilting moments. A full complement V-type ball bearing can support only radial loads and some low axial loads. Maximum permissible speeds for ball bearings are mainly related to the bearing