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  • Featured Application of Assured Automation's 4100 and 4200 Series Flanged Ball Valves

    /PVC Valves Ductile Iron PFA Lined Steam Valves Oxygen Valves Nitrogen Valves Sanitary Valves Control Valves Butterfly Valves Ball Valves Plug Valves Coaxial Valves Angle Seat Valves Actuators --- Valve Series --- Ares / Zeus 008 / 009 061 067 101 150F-300F 21 26 282 31D 33D 36 911 FE FK HPL / HPW J

  • Bomb-Proof Ball Valve

    Dynaflow Ball Valves, Specialty & Ball Valve Engineering, Inc. Bomb-Proof Ball ValveArticle reprint from Design News, June 23, 1997MARC Analysis FEA model shows exaggerated, bulged sides of ball-valve housing used in Navy submarine in response to a simulated underwater explosion.Simulated

  • Motor Actuated Valve Application Guide Ball Valves

    Ball Valve - Clark Solutions. Valves > > Motor Actuated Ball Valves > > Motor Actuated Valve Application Guide. CLARK SOLUTIONS. Motor Actuated Valve Application Guide. INTRODUCTION. The control valve is one of the most important items in a fluidic system. If greater attention were paid to the proper

  • Worcester Controls Corp. Eliminates Galling and Boosts Ball Valve Life 50% With Mirror-Smooth Coating

    For more than four decades, Worcester Controls Corporation has been on the leading edge of ball valve and flow control technology. The Marlborough (Mass.) company has always prided itself on making and selling state-of-the-art products of the highest quality. So Worcester was seriously concerned

  • Ball Valve Bolting Solution Saves Company Millions

    A major utility approached Superbolt about using their Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners to reduce down-time on their large Ball Valve. Previously they used a hydraulic bolting method. The estiamted time savings was 2-3 days with the Superbolt Tensioners, and an estimated 5 million dollars (US) was saved

  • Steam Jacketed Metal Seated Ball Valve Engineered for High Temperature Service

    High performance new steam jacketed ball valve was tailored to customer's demand with Linuo's strong R&D capability. Comparing with the conventional steam jacketed ball valve showing disadvantages of subjecting to clogging and constraint for long term service for applications with temperature

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  • Re: Using Electrical Valves in a Filling Machine?

    Hi Meedo433q, I had a look at your drawing and from it I gathered that the substance you are trying to control is fairly thick. This means you wont be able to use an ordinary valve, check the diagram below out. As you can see in the top valve the path through the valve isn't straight a...

  • Re: Flow and Pressures Through Parallel Connected Pipes

    I should've been clearer in the OP, say you apply a flow which results in 500kPA at the PRV, at the instant of the pressure at this point reaching >500kPa, the PRV opens since the spring is tuned to open at 500kPa. At this point, the PRV vents to atmosphere, if it does open 100% at 501kPa (ignore...

  • Re: Location of NRV in Fuel Pipe Line

    I will try to explain the system with an example and some diagram for the system. Lets consider 2 tanks which supply to 1 day tank located at some fa off point using pumps. The general philosophy for working of pumps if 2 pumps are given is as you told 1 working and other in standby mode. The lcoat...

  • Re: Screw-Down Check Globe Valve

    Allow me, a non-engineer to take a shot at this as it seems the OP is looking for very basic information. A check valve is any valve that only allows flow in one direction. The "globe" in globe valve refers to the device that stops the flow. The globe valve controls flow by raising o...

  • Re: 1998 Chevy s-10 With a 4l460e Transmission

    Look here: http://www.familycar.com/transmission.htm ad here: http://www.autoshop101.com/forms/AT21.pdf When transmissions sit empty, spool valves in the valve body can rust and stick. When transmissions sit full of dirty fluid the dirt falls out of suspension and can clog...

  • Carbon Dioxide Handling

    Hi We have following flow diagram Battery of CO2 Cylinders ---- Header ----- Heater at 65 deg C ------Pressure reducing valve from 70 bar to 10 bar (No. 1 ) ------safety valve ------ pressure reducing valve from 10 bar to 1.5 bar (No. 2) -------safety valve --------ball valve ---- flow meter -----...

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  • Azbil Offers New High-Performance Smart Valve Positioner

    The Smart Valve Positioner 700 Series detects abnormalities in shut-off, actuator spring and gland packing friction by measuring output pressure with a dedicated pressure sensor.

  • Ball Hones for Metering Valves in Muscle Cars

    In automotive applications, metering valves promote balanced braking between a car's front and rear wheels. Typically, these hydraulic components are used in rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicles with front disc and rear drum brakes. In classic cars such as the 1970 Chevrolet Camaro, a metering valve

  • Heart valve systems compared

    Among patients undergoing aortic valve replacement using a catheter tube, a comparison of two types of heart valve technologies, balloon-expandable or self-expandable valve systems, found a greater rate of device success with the balloon-expandable valve, according to a study.

  • Research and Markets: Global Control Valve Market 2012-2016 with Flowserve Corp., MIL Controls Ltd., and Pentair Ltd Dominating

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/8cjpzv/global_control) has announced the addition of the "Global Control Valve Market 2012-2016" report to their offering. The analysts forecast the Global Control Valve market to grow at a CAGR of 5.86 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the growing demand for control valves from developing countries. The Global Control Valve Market has also been

  • HoverBall: Inventor redefines people-ball interactions using quadcopter tech

    (Phys.org) -From early childhood on, humans use the ball as the fundamental tool for play, kicking it, throwing it, dodging it, sending it off on a roll. Japanese inventor Jun Rekimoto has other things in mind for a ball as a mainstay tool for future play. Why not, he said, widen its vocabulary? He has done so with his HoverBall, a ball that can hover and fly and be adapted to accommodate special needs.

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Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
Ball Valves

Our new ball valves are a low cost, manually or pneumatically operated, straight through isolation device. Their simple, robust design provides high reliability in "dirty" applications. They are commonly used on MOCVD and CVD equipment downstream from the chamber or vacuum pump to isolate traps or abatement tools. A stainless steel body and Teflon seat make these valves ideal for corrosive environments. A quarter turn of the handle quickly switches the valve from open to close...

Green Leaf, Incorporated
Polypropylene Ball Valves

Green Leaf Valves provide drip-free shut off and maintain line pressure. Our ball valve sizes range from 1/2 ” to 4 ”. Green Leaf ® Inc's line of ball valves available include true union, bolt & nozzle valves. The X Series Ball Valves feature a easy operating steel handle. Green Leaf ® Valves include precision machined ball & multiple o-ring seals to prevent leaking. Additional features include 125 psi capacity at 140 degrees F, PTFE filled polypropylene seats &

Series 400 Ball Valves

JAMESBURY brand, Series 400 multi-purpose full port ball valves are the most versatile brass valves offered by Metso, and feature bubble-tight shut-off. They are designed for use with hot and cold water, compressed air, natural and bottled gas, and low-pressure steam applications. The Series 400 full port construction design offers maximum flow capacity through the valve. It is offered with a threaded-end series (451T), solder-end series (441T), a solder-end series with drain (481T...