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  • Recent Operating Experience with Dry Running Vacuum Pumps on Vacuum Degassing and Vacuum Oxygen Decarburising Systems (.pdf)
    facilities has been realised. Pumping performance requirements. The basic performance parameters and requirements in a typical steel degassing pump system have been. categorised 1 and are listed in Table 1. It is of course essential that the specification for the vacuum pumping. system is both accurate
  • Paste or Preforms, the Brazer's Question (.pdf)
    a deposit. of paste into the joint area. Once very common, this basic method of paste application is. completely operator dependent on the amount and placement of the paste deposit. A hidden cost. is the time lost due to the frequent transfer of product from pail to bottle. Finally, the threat
  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers (.pdf)
    to the North. and heat”. In terms that are more basic,. American market. The premix gas. combustion is the chemical and thermal. blowers are for fixed or modulating gas-. reaction between an oxidant (e.g. air). fired burner systems rated up to. and a combustible material (e.g. natural. 1,500,000 Btu/hr (~450
  • Vacuum Requirements for Steel Degassing (.pdf)
    main processes are vacuum degassing (VD) and vacuum. oxygen decarburisation (VOD). Vacuum degassing (VD) The basic VD process usually lasts 15-20 minutes and is. conducted at pressures in the region of 0.5torr/0.67mbar. Under these conditions. much of the dissolved hydrogen and carbon monoxide gases
  • Wiremesh Substrates for Oxidation, TWC and SCR Converters (.pdf)
    . Wiremesh provides turbulent mixing. urea crystallization. and radial heat transfer. Figure 1 shows the wiremesh substrates. with different dimensions. Introduction. Understanding the basic properties of the components of the ex-. haust system and their relationship to the whole is essential to de
  • A beginner's guide to combustion optimization Improve efficiency, lower environmental impact, reduce downtime
    + water. + heat, or: As the basic principles of combustion apply equal y to any. of these fuels, for this discussion, the fuel type wil be. CH +2O ‡ CO + 2H O + heat. largely ignored. 4. 2. 2. 2. As the majority of combustion processes derive the required. oxygen from air (for simplicity, assume
  • Analytical techniques
    differs dramatically from its laboratory counterpart, the only common area being the separation concepts. In current practice, designs integrate a basic Analyser (chromatograph) with a controller & microprocessor package. These systems can perform as stand alone units or be interfaced with multiple
  • Dual X-Ray Technique Analyzes Structure Of Dental Alloys
    . Nobody has ever tried to optimize the palladium alloy, he continued. The dental manufacturers don t have the time or resources to investigate these materials on a basic level. Palladium dental alloys are stronger and stiffer than gold alloys, so they should last longer. They also don t