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Parts by Number for Beryllium Copper Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description

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  • Comparison of Beryllium Copper and Steel Plungers (.pdf)
    The graph compares the electrical performance of 100-25 Series probes with beryllium copper and steel plungers with gold plating. Eight probes from each of the two types were cycle tested together.
  • Bronze and Copper-Alloy Bearings
    Dozens of copper alloys are available as bearing materials. Most of these can be grouped into five classes: copper lead, copper tin (sometimes called tin bronze), leaded bronze, aluminum bronze, and beryllium copper. As a general rule in these alloys, a higher lead content promotes compatibility
  • AirBNC Broadcast Connector Independent Test Report
    results in significant labor savings during termination - they can routinely be terminated in 15 seconds. The. cable conductor is retained by beryllium copper spring loaded fingers within the center pin - similar to the interface of a BNC plug and jack. Microsoft Word - WSE AirBNC Broadcast Connector
  • Copper stamping used in electronic assembly needing safe removal of fine burrs
    . of electronic assemblies. Mfg/Method: Stamping - Slotted Collar. Alloy: Exotic - Beryllium Copper. ProbleM: The customer’s part is stamped and slotted. in one operation. The small size of the part makes it very. difficult to mass finish in order to deburr the four slots. A. feather burr is still present after
  • Medical Device Link .
    This stainless-steel fingerstock is designed to offer easy recyclability, good shielding performance and compression characteristics, and optimal finishes to reduce the chance of galvanic corrosion. The beryllium copper EMI-shielding gaskets are durable metal strips that are used to provide high
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on IV Components
    shapes. The spiral design flexes to fill uneven joint surfaces and has no pieces that could break off and short out equipment. Standard materials are stainless steel and beryllium copper, and tin plating is available for better conductivity or corrosion resistance. Cross-sectional diameters range
  • Medical Device Link . Avoiding Common EMI Problems in Medical Electronics
    practice fit into one of the categories described. Accordingly, if these issues are adequately addressed during the design stage, manufacturers can reasonably expect to avoid most EMI problems. These beryllium-copper gaskets are used for shielding sophisticated electronics. Photo courtesy of Tecknit
  • Engineering Thin Medical Parts Through Photo Etching
    to these specialty materials, photo etching is. highly suitable for other metals including beryllium copper, stainless. steels, niobium, silver, brass and spring steels.

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