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  • Bioreactor Grows Cells That Produce Possible Anti-Cancer Protein
    Four photos of osteosarcoma cells in the bioreactor are available from Pam Frost at (614) 292-9475) or COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University researchers have invented a device that grows human tumor cells in an artificial medium in order to produce a protein for possible cancer treatment
  • Understanding Temperature Control in Bioreactor Systems (.pdf)
    Microbiologists, biochemists, and chemical engineers need to cultivate organisms in a highly controlled manner. As such, bioreactors have become integral to the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. In order to successfully fulfill experimental requirements, suitable conditions
  • Medical Device Link . Pathogen-free human serum protein production using a hollow-fiber bioreactor system
    important proteins from dependence on the blood supply. We have developed methods using a human liver cell line cultured in hollow-fiber bioreactors to produce human serum proteins in a controlled, closed system. There the risks of contamination by infectious agents can be virtually eliminated
  • Medical Device Link . Factors affecting antibody production efficiency in hollow-fiber bioreactors
    Rudolf J. Czirbik, Steven M. Rosen, Diane M. Trunfio, Ellyn W. Fischberg-Bender, and Stuart M. Palmer he production efficiency of 10,000- and 30,000-MW cutoff hollow-fiber bioreactor cartridges using the Cellex, Inc., Acusyst Jr. and the Unisyn Technologies, Inc., CP2000 bioreactor systems
  • Researchers Devise Way To Mass-Produce Embryonic Stem Cells
    Editor's note: Yang and Ouyang will be in San Diego at the ACS conference through March 15 and can be reached at the Super 8 San Diego at 800-537-9902, or by contacting Previous stories pertaining to Professor Yang's research: "Bioreactor Boosts Chemical Fermentation By 50 Percent: Study
  • Online Measurements of CO2 and O2 in Exhaust Gases from Fermentation Processes
    When fermentation is carried out on a batch basis, the proportions of carbon dioxide and oxygen are reliable indicators of the efficiency of the production process and the status of the bio-reactor. Production staff soon realised that a better indication of the emissions of CO and O could help them
  • Disposable Processing Equipment Update
    be customized. Last year, ATMI Life Sciences and Pierre Guerin SAS formed an alliance to design, make and sell a full line of disposable fermentors and bioreactors. The alliance joins ATMI s ultraclean film manufacturing and single-use mixing technology with Pierre Guerin s expertise in control equipment
    When fermentation is carried out on a batch basis, the proportions of carbon dioxide and oxygen are reliable indicators of the efficiency of the production process and the status of the bio-reactor. However, many fermentation researchers desire the ability to measure gases beyond the traditional

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  • Applied microbiology
    Bioreactors with peripheral Mess- and regulating units fçr the microbial pharmaceutical protein production (photo GBF).
  • Energy from biomass
    This includes a discussion of the possibilities of the cultivation in open seas and basins as well as in closed systems by a short representation of the biological and the procedural of bases (e.g., photo bioreactors ).
  • Wastewater treatment up to the recycling ability of water
    For about ten years bemuht one itself further about the development of heavy-duty bioreactors .
  • Industrial microbiology
    The cells in a bioreactor generally multiply not synchronous so that must be furthermore also assumed it that there is no homogeneous an inhomogeneous cell distribution (segregation).
  • Dubbel
    N6.4 bioreactors .
  • Chemical sensors in the bioprocess analytics
    The optical sensors that serve in particular for the use in Einweg‐Bioreaktoren belong to it.
  • Thin film reactors in the biotechnology
    The Abstract thin film reactors are the contact apparatuses for gas and liquid that are suited also…
  • Dubbel
    6.4 bioreactors .