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  • Tube to Tubesheet Joints: The Many Choices (.pdf)
    After a decision has been made to use zirconium as the material of construction for a shell and tube heat exchanger, one must take into account the process design parameters and other considerations in order to obtain the optimum mechanical design for the specific application. One of the most
  • Stainless Steel Tubing vs. Copper Tubing in Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
    in heat transfer. Tube-to-tubesheet joint of copper tubes with other materials commonly made by tube expansion. ASME. Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code estimates efficiency if expanded joint 60-65%. Stainless steel tubes can. be not only expanded but also seal welded to the tubesheet, resulting in 100%
  • A New Code of Practice for Remote Field Testing (RFT)
    changes in the RFT industry when the new standard comes into general use. RFT is an electromagnetic method used to examine tubes such as those commonly found in boilers and heat exchangers. Use of RFT has been expanding during the last decade, helping to. A New Code of Practice for Remote Field
  • FEA For The Shop Floor
    might experiment with different drill geometries and process conditions to minimize burr height. The Algor FEA model shows tube and membrane components that Scandroli analyzed. Welds form the membranes between the tubes. Coal-fired boilers measure some 40 X 100 ft. The boiler runs at 800 F
  • Sizing Heaters and Steam Requirements for Domestic Hot Water Systems: Hotels
    . Temperature regulator installations vary from systems with large. storage tanks that change temperature gradually as hot water is drawn off to instantaneous shell. and tube heat exchanges that require a fast temperature response time. Because the volume of. water in the tubes of the instantaneous
  • COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Researchers have developed a new corrosion-resistant diffusion coating for steam pipes used in power-plant boilers that will reduce maintenance costs for plants and could make electricity less expensive. Robert Rapp, a professor of materials science and engineering at Ohio
  • Advanced Flow Meter Technology to the Rescue
    for district heating. Combustion gas comes from the plant's biomass-fuelled boiler which converts steam into district heating and also drives its electric power generators. The washing of the exhaust gas eliminates many of the pollutants that would otherwise contaminate the air. The heat recovery
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps Solve Magnesium Hydroxide Problems
    At a power plant site in the U.S., Fuel Tech was cost-effectively. and safely reducing slag buildup in multiple coalfired. power plant boilers through the use of a proprietary. chemical injection process. One chemical used in this process. is magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hydroxide

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