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  • Sievers 900/5310 C Series TOC Analyzers - Calibration
    The Sievers* 900 and 5310 C Series TOC Analyzers. incorporate a number of new features and options. designed toimprove the accuracy and linearity of the. TOC measurements. Three new calibration options. are available in the Analyzers: automatic conductivity. offset, automatic TOC autozero
  • MA-C-06010009: CATV Terms and Terminologies
    . The RF amplifiers supply the signal to neighborhood homes. The current channel format in the United States, NTSC, has up to 136 channels ranging in frequency from 54 MHz to 870 MHz. This application note will focus on the terms and terminologies the CATV industry uses when specifying amplifiers and other
  • Computer Power User Article - A/C For Your HDD
    or workstation. Server admins may have SCSI, SAS, or Fibre Channel drives running at 15,000rpm. Even with fluid dynamic bearings (FDBs), the faster a hard drive spins its hard disks, the more heat it produces. Also, the silicon chips running the drive s controller, read channel, and occasionally
  • 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty
    a hydroformed front-end cage that attaches to a rear C-channel frame. Rear leaf springs are 8-in longer than previous models for more torsional stiffness. We put our tester through its paces by loading an old 3,400-lb Honda onto a trailer and towing it 50 miles to a repair garage. What wowed us most
  • Preface
    on. In the acronym DWDM, D stands for dense (wavelengths), in CWDM, C stands for course, and in UDWDM, UD stands for ultradense. The term dense is relative and it indicates a large number of wavelengths in a given spectral bandwidth (e.g., C-band) and thus tighter specifications (channel width, channel
  • Integrated cooling system lets chips beat the heat
    . In contrast, Georgia Tech's CMOS-compatible technique works at temperatures <260 C and builds microfluidiccooling channels without damaging attached circuits. The scheme works on gigascale integrated (GSI) chips and is fully compatible with conventional flip-chip packaging. Researchers begin by etching
  • 5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger
    temperature-controlled environment (i.e. ±2°C) during the course of testing. This prevents temperature drift effects of the reference voltage and reference resistances. The limits shown in the sample report assume that the test environment is between 5°C and 40°C. For the same reason, the datalogger
  • Medical Device Link .
    rates that exceed 70 C per minute. The liquid-nitrogen-cooled chamber features high volume and adjustable air distribution to direct airflow rapidly over the product. Access to the internal chamber is provided through doors on the front and back of the unit. The vibration system uses a thermal
  • Medical Device Link .
    in homecare devices that are applied to the body. To learn more about these and other bonding issues, we spoke with Ronald C. Lilly, president and founder of Alltis Corp. An innovative business consulting and interim management partner, Alltis has extensive knowledge of adhesives, including

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