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  • Resistance and Capacitance Meter Using a PIC 16C622

    are ideal for designs having size constraints. Resistance and Capacitance Meter Using a PIC16C622. M. AN611. Resistance and Capacitance Meter Using a PIC16C622. This family of devices also introduce on-chip brown-out. Author: Rodger Richey. reset circuitry and a filter on the reset input (MCLR

  • What is Capacitance?

    all provide continuous level measurement, the 9070 being a blind rack. mount instrument providing a 4-20 mA output signal, and 9050 Series providing a wall mount unit complete with. meter, alarm point(s), and a 4-20 mA output. 2) ON/OFF CONTROL. Single point, On/Off capacitance controls provide

  • Clamp Meters: Getting the Most-Needed Functions

    high-resolution readings? How fine are the differences that can be read by the meter? Some clamp meters offer voltage and current resolution as granular as 0.01mV and 10mA, as well as 0.01nF for capacitance, and 0.001Hz for frequency. Specialized measurements: Does the clamp meter support specialized

  • Varactor Diodes

    . capacitance is constant with frequency. A 1 MHz capacitance. The slope of the log C vs. log V curve is typically denoted by. bridge or meter must operate with a low signal voltage to avoid. gamma (ϒ). For an ideal abrupt varactor diode, gamma is 0.5. errors due to the nonlinear properties

  • AN-0200 - OC100HG Push-Pull Driver in Pockels Cells Switching Methods

    to calculate switching speed: Capacitance in a vacuum = 8.85*10-12 F/m * Area in m2 / distance between the plates in. meters. Or just carry your RLC meter to your device and measure it. Caution: High voltage on a vacuum system is a potential X-ray source. Follow all necessary. precautions. Note: While


    *NIST Technical Note 1347. "NIST Calibration Procedure for vertically polarized. Monopole Antennas, 30 KHz to 300 MHz. *ECSM (Equivalent Capacitance Substitution Method). *NPL (National Physical Laboratory Long Striplline. RodPresentation ROD CALIBRATION TECHNIQUES. , Inc. & COMPARISONS

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  • Re: Schematic for 77-2A range extender

    My Boonton 72B (I think) capacitance meter has all the required operating instructions and calibration printed on the inside top cover. I couldn't find any information on it until I took it apart!! Also the schematic of the circuit is available in a couple of my university text books f...

  • Re: Noise reduction in current to voltage converter

    Your original posting said that there was some trim capacitor somewhere. I don't see one in your schematic. I don't believe your 10pF cable capacitance value explains your apparent 800 Hz 3dB roll off for two reasons. First, a RG-59 foam dielectric cable has a 16 pF per foot value or 53 pF per mete...

  • Re: How do I figure voltage drop.

    Try this for your new purchase. The ones I own have performed well over the years. www.fluke.com And here's some reading if you're interested. [Hide] A Thank You from Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales = Ohm's law = From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...

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B&K Precision
Dual Display Handheld Capacitance Meters

The 830C and 890C are 11,000-count handheld capacitance meters that measure capacitance up to 200 mF (50 mF for 890C). Straightforward to operate, these meters make measurements quickly and simplify the capacitance sorting process.Unlike other handheld instruments such as LCR meters that make measurements using an AC signal with a specific test frequency, they measures capacitance by applying a constant current that briefly charges, then discharges the connected capacitor.These meters include...

ValueTronics International, Inc.
Agilent E4981A Capacitance Meter (Refurbished)

The Agilent E4981A capacitance meter offers a high-speed with reliable measurements for ceramic capacitor testing in the production lines. The Agilent  E4981A capacitance meter contributes improvements of the test throughput, while attaining excellent component quality for ceramic capacitor testing. Was: $6600, Special Price: $5250, Options 001, 600

Wayne Kerr Electronics
LCR Meters 4300 Series

A range of easy to use LCR meters with comprehensive measurement functions. Accurate and fast measurements may be made from 20Hz to 1MHz (43100) making the 4300 series the ideal choice for many applications in the test or production environments. All 4300 series instruments may be esternally controlled using the standard RS232 or GPIB interfaces. Measure components up to 1Mhz. Four models with maximum frequencies from 100kHz(4310) to 1Mhz(43100). Fast measurement speed. 0.1% basic measurement...