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  • Resistance and Capacitance Meter Using a PIC 16C622

    The PIC16C62X devices create a new branch in Microchip?s PIC16CXXX 8-bit microcontroller family by incorporating two analog comparators and a variable voltage reference on-chip. The comparators feature programmable input multiplexing from device inputs and an internal voltage reference. The internal

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  • Re: Schematic for 77-2A range extender

    My Boonton 72B (I think) capacitance meter has all the required operating instructions and calibration printed on the inside top cover. I couldn't find any information on it until I took it apart!! Also the schematic of the circuit is available in a couple of my university text books f...

  • Re: Noise reduction in current to voltage converter

    Your original posting said that there was some trim capacitor somewhere. I don't see one in your schematic. I don't believe your 10pF cable capacitance value explains your apparent 800 Hz 3dB roll off for two reasons. First, a RG-59 foam dielectric cable has a 16 pF per foot value or 53 pF per mete...

  • Re: How do I figure voltage drop.

    Try this for your new purchase. The ones I own have performed well over the years. www.fluke.com And here's some reading if you're interested. [Hide] A Thank You from Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales = Ohm's law = From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...

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Wayne Kerr Electronics
LCR Meters 4300 Series

A range of easy to use LCR meters with comprehensive measurement functions. Accurate and fast measurements may be made from 20Hz to 1MHz (43100) making the 4300 series the ideal choice for many applications in the test or production environments. All 4300 series instruments may be esternally controlled using the standard RS232 or GPIB interfaces. Measure components up to 1Mhz. Four models with maximum frequencies from 100kHz(4310) to 1Mhz(43100). Fast measurement speed. 0.1% basic measurement...

CHINO Works America Inc.
HN-CH, Palm-sized Temperature/Humidity Meters

The HN-CH series is reliable and accurate palm-sized temperature/ humidity meter with the measuring humidity range of 0 to 100%RH by using a new developed humidity sensor. It also provides the data logging function capable to store each 8000 readings of temperature and humidity into memory. Excellent reproducibility and reliability by capacitance type humidity sensor. Humidity sensor with quick response in 15 seconds. Easy maintenance by complete interchangeable sensors. Handheld type, desktop...

CHINO Works America Inc.
HN-C Series Temperature/Humidity Meters

of relative humidity 0 to 100%RH by capacitance type humidity sensor. Three types of wall-mounting type, separated type, heat-resistive separated type and insertion type (soft type and hard type) are prepared for various applications. Heat-resistive separated type can be used in the environment of -40 to 180°C. Easy maintenance by complete interchangeable sensors. DIN rail installation enabled (except insertion type). CE conformance...