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Nowadays, the synthesis of nanomaterials becomes more and more. important, since nano structured materials can assist anywhere in. daily life. The application range reaches from paints/dyes,. sunscreen, cosmetics, drugs over electronics, data management to. car industry, photovoltaics, water curing...

The Night and Day marking application, also known as paint removal, is a very demanding application in various industries such as in the design of a car's interior. Research is continuously carried out into improving the cockpit environment for a car's occupants. The effective nighttime...

By nature volatile organic compounds (VOC) easily evaporate from a large variety of natural and manmade. materials. The smell you may associate with fresh paint, adhesives or other building materials and that "new car. smell" are all composed of VOCs....

SAMES is a company based in France that specializes in high precision electrostatic atomizers. SAMES develops and sells services and products for different finishing processes, including automatic paint sprayers for the automotive industry. SAMES was given the mandate by the car manufacturer...

Then it hit me. Two-tone paint was missing. Contrasting colors for the roof and body were staples of older cars and really made them stand out. When the Park Avenue was a new model in the Buick lineup, the Buick marketing people hit upon a novel way to introduce the car to upscale buyers...

15-feet in diameter and rises 250-feet to the coal silo for rail car loading. The coal dust from this process accumulates on the walls in the tunnel eroding paint and corroding metal surfaces. The tunnel walls required paint stripping and recoating to provide a more aesthetic and safe working environment....

In most instances, when something is thicker, it's usually better - a thick, juicy piece of steak, especially thick socks to keep your feet warm on a cold day, or a shiny, thick coat of paint on a brand new car all come to mind. However, when it comes to plain bushings, thick-walled isn't...

...driving fun. The combination of a galaxy silver metallic paint job and special color-keyed bodyside cladding gave the car a sharp, sportier look. While the car was a head-turner last year, the new look is much more striking. As for driving, the car's performance is really impressive. Step...

...for around $16,000. And gas mileage is good at 27/35 EPA. Outside, the vehicle is nothing special. Out tester 's Radiant Red paint job helped spice things up a bit. The car has four doors and a serviceable interior with cloth-covered seats. These include a 60/40 split folding rear, along with a fully...

...coast to coast. This year's Impalas also have a handful of new paint schemes: Superior Blue, Berry Red Metallic, Victory Red, and Cappuccino Frost Metallic. I wish the test-drive car had sported one of those colors. I'm getting weary of the monochrome palette used on most new...

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  • A New Empirical Formula for Calculating Vehicles' Frontal Area
    The original image of each vehicle extracted from the catalogue was scanned on the computer and processed using Adobe Photoshop to fill an area of the car painted black with white background.
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  • Vibration Engineering and Technology of Machinery
    A Catalogue of British Museum Collection, British Museum Press. car - painting -unknown/ 7.
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  • Manual annual final examination
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