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  • How to "Trick" Dry Precision Grinding of Carbide and Hard Steels
    Most production grinding machines have only a set single speed. This locks up productivity and capability. The grinding wheels have to be designed for the various applications. But, if you add a DIT "Grinding" variable speed control to your grinding machine, the whole picture changes.
  • Grinding out Bottlenecks
    For more than 30 years, Spartan Carbide. Inc. has provided high-precision. carbide inserts and tooling. Spartan specializes in form grinding of. specials and standard-geometry ceramic,. PCD and CBN inserts for diverse. OEMs. In 2002, Spartan combined two. existing facilities that separately housed
  • How to Select an IRAX Carbide Bur
    increasing the life of your spindle bearings. When grinding, use just enough pressure to keep the bur cutting. WARNING: DO NOT. BEAR DOWN. Excessive pressure will slow down the spindle and result in damage to the cutting edges. The burs should be kept moving at all times to prevent the tool from digging
  • High Temperature Properties of Sintered alpha Silicon Carbide (.pdf)
    Sintered alpha silicon carbides are being developed to meet the requirements of conventional and advanced heat engine systems. Though pressure-less sintering, low cost, near-net complex shapes requiring little finish grinding can be fabricated.
  • Superior Superabrasive Wheels and a Cost-down Strategy Pay Off in Round Tool Grinding Operations
    The Saint-Gobain brand patented Univel G-Force superabrasive wheels with a grain-locking mechanism and a selfdressing wear-resistant bond have quickly become the industry leader in the grinding of round carbide and steel machine tools. Made-to-order and custom engineered for specific applications
  • AN0016 Micro-sectioning of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
    will almost certainly generate damage around the chip edges during grinding. Consequently use of a high quality, low stress potting compound is recommended. Waterproof Silicon Carbide grinding paper is available in many grit sizes. Paper should be selected as appropriate to the sample being prepared
  • Milling Nickel-based Alloys - Milling Heat Resistant Alloys
    only by grinding. Some areas where the greatest savings have been shown are in the heat treated alloy steels, die steel, weld overlays, hard facings and hard irons. As in Nickel-based alloys, speeds can be increased up to 8x those used for uncoated tungsten carbide tools and 4x those of coated
  • Bonded Abrasives Basics
    The abrasive materials, ceramic alumina, zirconia alumina, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, perform the cutting action. An ideal grinding abrasive has the ability to fracture before serious dulling occurs and offers maximum resistance to point wear. Each abrasive has special crystal structure

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  • Ultra-Precision Machining Technologies, CJUMP2011
    Residual stress tests are performed on the cemented carbide ground with different parameters by cup wheel.
  • Machinery's Handbook 29 - Tooling and Toolmaking
    … Sharpening Twist Drills Relief Grinding of the Tool Flanks Drill Point Thinning Sharpening Carbide Tools Silicon Carbide Wheels Diamond Wheels Diamond Wheel Grit Sizes Diamond Wheel Grades Diamond Concentration Dry Versus Wet Grinding Carbide Coolants for Carbide Grinding Peripheral vs. Flat Side …
  • Machining with Abrasives
    The impact of hardness and other attritious wear controlling factors can be seen by the comparison of typical G Ratio values for the major abrasive type diamond and CBN, alumina and silicon carbide grinding various industrial workpieces (Table 1.2).
  • Manufacturing Processes 2
    One method which is frequently employed because of its flexibility is profiling with silicon carbide grinding wheels.
  • A Study of the Mirror-Like Grinding of Sintered Carbide with Optimum In-Process Electrolytic Dressing
    Figure 12 shows a scanning electron microscope photograph of the sintered carbide ground with a metal bond diamond wheel.
  • ZCP1996ITSC493
    The grinding ratio, G in case of diamond grinding was found to be larger than silicon carbide grinding however, the quality of the surface fmish produced by silicon carbide was better than the diamond.
  • Manufacturing process 2
    A because of its flexibility often inserted method is the profiling with silicon carbide grinding wheels.
  • Advances in Abrasive Technology XVI
    X.T. Li et al. used Replica 500 high-speed three-dimensional laser scanning system to measure the surface topography of #46 resin-bonded silicon carbide grinding wheel based on laser triangulation measurement principle, and pointed out that the surface topography was …