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...this to happen. Engineers many years. ago invented the oscilloscope that portrays voltages and currents in a visual. fashion on a CRT (cathode ray tube). The oscilloscope technology has now. totally gone over to LCD screens for visual portrayal. Now with increasing. speeds and fast pulses making up...

...are similar whether applied to 100 volts or 100 kilovolts. High-voltage rectification is also a relative term. As it surrounds our lives in CRT. supplies, TWT supplies, X-Ray supplies and a host of other devices; the concept. of high-voltage rectification must be clearly defined. Ideally a high voltage...

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  • ISA BASIC ELEC CNTRL - Basic Electricity and Electronics for Control - Fundamentals and Applications
    oscilloscope principles DC amplifiers oscilloscope manufacturers cathode ray tubes Lissajous patterns wave-form analysis .
  • Engine Combustion: Pressure Measurement and Analysis
    Systems were available from several manufacturers , but all consisted of the following main components: A cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) to display the image• A pressure transducer installed in the cylinder complete with appropriate signal• conditioning A time-sweep or angle-recording mechanism• If necessary, an optical data capture device• Typically, a standard lab-type CRO (see...
  • Operating experience with a mechanical rectifier
    ...of each contact during the break step portion of the commutating period as instructed by the manufacturer . By means of a selector switch, the voltage wave shape of the break step of each con- tact was observed hourly on the cathode - ray oscilloscope and the condition re- .
  • ISA RP31.1 - Specification, Installation, and Calibration of Turbine Flowmeters
    The wave shape of the output signal shall also be observed on a cathode - ray oscilloscope to check flowmeter for malfunctions. less than five and should include the minimum and maximum flow as specified by the manufacturer .
  • IEEE Standard Specification of General-Purpose Laboratory Cathode-Ray Oscilloscopes
    The purposes of this Standard are 1) to document the minimum information that users of general-purpose laboratory cathode - ray oscilloscopestypically need, 2) to provide potential purchasers and others with... ...between instruments, and 3) to provide uniformity of information from manufac- turers . This Standard applies primarily to general-purpose laboratory cathode-ray oscilloscopes ; it does not neces- sarily apply...