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  • Centrifugal Separators
    Centrifugal separators use centrifugal force to separate solid particles from a liquid solution according to their size, shape, density, viscosity of the medium and rotor speed. The class of centrifugal separators includes including centrifuges and hydrocyclones. The theoretical basis
  • Centrifugal (Centrifuge) Separation
    Centrifugal separators provide liquid/solids or liquid/liquid separation at various stages in many separation processes, from course separation to ultra-clarification. Typically solids removal is using a clarifier, whereas liquid/liquid is using a separator. Centrifugal (Centrifuge) Separation
  • Oil/Water Separator Feed
    . Emulsification, the mixing of the water and oil, prohibits the separators from operating efficiently. Therefore, the emulsifying must be reduced as much as possible. The Blackmer vane technology proves to be the answer. Centrifugal and gear pumps greatly emulsify the product reducing the effectiveness
  • Ball Bearing Cages, Retainers, Ball Separators
    into the virgin paper or linen materials. The retainers are then assembled into bearings. Some customers will request that the bearings must be subjected to low centrifugal forces to remove excess surface oil.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filtration Control & Monitoring
    tank, centrifugal separator or post filtered. This will prevent filter “blinding” and extend filter runs. DE Filtration Control & Monitoring Summary. optek inline turbidimeters are able to precisely monitor extremely low concentrations of suspended solids. optek turbidimeters installed directly
  • Clarification of Yeast Slurry
    In brewing practice a need may exist to remove coagulated protein particles from yeast slurry prior to centrifugal concentration and re-use. Separating foreign particles from yeast slurry in producing de-bittered yeast for food purposes is also encountered. Kason Separators have been successfully
  • Using Regenerative Converter Units to Recover Over Voltage Energy in AC Drive Systems (.pdf)
    , which can be. recouped and fed back to the AC line. HEAVY TRANSPORT CONVEYORS (MINING). Often, heavy loads on the conveyer will cause the motor regenerate. Installing a. regenerative unit will convert the extra energy to the electric utility. CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATORS. Centrifugal separators and other
  • Optimizing Vibratory Screen Seperator Performance (.pdf)
    . The motor rotates CCW when viewed from the top. As the motor rotates, the. weights generate a radial centrifugal force causing the spring mounted machine to. vibrate. Figure 1. The top weight has an adjustable force output and a fixed angular orientation on the. motor shaft. The bottom weight also has

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