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  • SemCor (\
    … splash_V|4 torn_J|4 inflamed_J|1 chug_V|1 flare_V|3 testament_N|3 hateful_J|3 stand_guard_V|2 peaked_J|1 brass_N|7 shuffle_V|4 wainscoted_J|1 shaft_of_light_N|1 pew _N|1 curtained_J|1 tuck_V|7 … … tapping_N|2 reverie_N|1 near-blind_J|1 gospeler_N|1 ashen_J|1 hearth_N|3 tiredly_R|1 anabaptist_N|2 banish_V|6 arianism_N|1 rage_V|6 arianist_N|2 church _of_rome_N|1 persecute_V|2 paris_N|20 … … peddler_N|3 vermouth_N|1 stillness_N|3 old-fashioned_J|3 high-ceilinged_J|1 hot-water_heater_N|1 wool_N|3 swimming_trunks_N|1 damp_J|4 bath_towel_N|1 towel_rack_N|1 anchor _V|6 swimming_pool_N|3 .
  • Review Symposium
    grammes developed with colleagues at King’s that seek to build bridges between “ pew ” and “academy” and engage constructively with the posi- tion of the church in London and the development of particular Chris- tian ministries based there as creative catalysts … Anchor institutions like universities and hospitals that are tied to .
  • What About Disillusionment? Exploring the Pathways to Black Nationalism
    Politics in the Pews : The political mobilization of Black churches . Exclusive Obama interview: ABC news anchor Terry Moran talks to Sen. Obama.
  • Reflections on philosophy of science and the pastoral care of pastors
    … become more concerned to address themselves to their academic colleagues than to the concerns of the church . … products and thinking less intelligible and less relevant to the individual in the pew and the pastor … On the other hand, practical theology adrift without an anchor or much useful input from academic theology …
  • Richard Cimino, Nadia A. Mian, and Weishan Huang, Editors, Ecologies of Faith in New York City: The Evolution of Religious Institutions in New York City
    … the importance of securing space as a means to express the identity of Korean churches in Queens. Richard Cimino’s chapter on ‘‘Filling Niches and Pews ’’ in Brooklyn explains that though gentrification can be … … chapter on immigration describes how Falun Gong, the Chinese dissident religious group, has anchored its religious activities …
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    … 00::'). sk(103800563,1,'museum%1:06:00::'). sk(103800772,1,'mushroom_ anchor %1:06:00 … … 00::'). sk(103920737,1,'petticoat%1:06:00::'). sk(103920737,2,'half-slip%1:06:00::'). sk(103920737,3,'underskirt%1:06:00::'). sk(103920867,1,' pew %1:06:00::'). sk(103920867,2,' church _bench%1:06:00::').
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    … 1,0). s(103657699,1,'museum',n,1,3). s(103657888,1,'mushroom_ anchor ',n,1 … … 1,0). s(103772858,1,'petticoat',n,1,0). s(103772858,2,'half-slip',n,1,0). s(103772858,3,'underskirt',n,1,0). s(103772988,1,' pew ',n,1,1). s(103772988,2,' church _bench',n,1,0 …
  • Hybrid Patient-Dependent Phantoms Covering Statistical Distributions of Body Morphometry in the U.S. Adult and Pediatric Population
    … male and pediatric female) were created by modifying the ICRP 89 compliant UFHADM and UFH10F anchor phantoms. Aesthetically, the phan- toms appeared correct and displayed characteristics of a diverse population including variability in shape and the church pew effect.
  • European Religion in Comparative Perspective
    Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Anchor , 1967. McDaniel, S. W. “The Use of Marketing Techniques by Churches : A National Survey.” Pew Global Attitudes Project. “ .
  • The Changing World Religion Map
    The church , mosque, synagogues and temple do contribute to anchoring identity and have been the integral components of the urban layout (Ayhan and Cubukcu 2010). … been turbulent years for the Muslim communities in the area and the country ( Pew Research Center 2011).
  • Between town hall, medium and network
    Also, holds the arrow several positions in Aufsichts- and governing boards in different banks , the arrow was … In Frankfurt and in the Rhine-Main-area, it held numerous honor offices, the member of the board is the church heads in the regional dressing of Evangelical churches in Frankfurt and country chairman of the reservist dressing. 10.4 On the searching for the social anchor point .
  • From a land of saints and scholars? Reflections on William Thomson's religious background
    Our pew was close under the pulpit in full view of the preacher, who, looking down, administered … Crimson with shame, I bustled . them all out of the church as quickly as I could.” … … aboard his yacht at Gravesend, east of London “...just as they weigh anchor the “Thames Mission” …
  • WNSamples (\
    … have_V know_V fifty_J years_N year_N doctrinal_J quarrel_N civil_war_N clergyman_N have_V be_V turn_V cure_N church _N irreverently_R use_V … … ball down to the corner of the green|plop_N come_V ball_N corner_N green_J 00426278_R|the anchor fell plump into … … clear_J betray_V colleague_N 00438483_R|racily vernacular language|racily_R vernacular_J language_N 00438582_R|an imaginative dispersal of the pews radially from the …
    Washington, DC: The Pew Hispanic Center, Retrieved July 08, 2010 ( Anchor . … Publishers Nelsen, H. M., R. L. Yokley, and A. K. Nelsen 1971 The Black Church in America.
  • Manual Historic masonry
    Became even the Fenstergewände with fall and soling bank often generates instead from real mechanism stone exclusively … Particularly often, architects used the tie rod thereby in form of a timber or a steel rod. Abb. 2.24 Büdingen, city church .