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  • Air Curtains Circulate Good Ideas for Food Service Facilities
    Air curtains are available for a wide variety of applications ranging from light commercial (such as restaurants) to heavy industrial (such as food processing plants.)
  • Understanding Boiler Circulation
    Boilers generate steam using different methods to circulate the steam-water mixture through the evaporator tubes. These methods include natural circulation, forced circulation, and a once-through design.
  • Medical Device Link .
    fluorescent signals. Unlike traditional fluorescent markers, they are very bright and do not bleach if harshly illuminated. Until recently, quantum dots could not circulate for long in vivo, limiting their use for long-term biological studies. But a team of scientists from (Hayward, CA), which owns
  • UVC Lights Keep Hospital Cool, Efficient (.pdf)
    grow deep inside HVAC systems, as well as airborne microbes that circulate through these systems to the occupied space.
  • Application Note: A Custom Solution
    . They needed to drive a cooling drum in a plastic extrusion application. In addition to the driving torque they had to feed a water line through the drum shaft journal to circulate water for the cooling process. To accommodate the water line a larger drum shaft was required than would normally
  • Seal-less Regenerative Turbine Vane Pump Resolves Volatile Situation (World Pumps : June 1999)
    , experienced difficulty in finding a pump with the performance characteristics to successfully address the tough pumping challenges of his application. Specifications called for a pump capable of performing dual roles. Positioned under the pot of a distillation column, the pump had to be able to circulate
  • New Gas Sensors Simplify Power Plant Leak Detection
    circulate the hydrogen through the generator shell for heat dissipation, although, and external heat exchanger is sometimes employed.
  • A Case for Harmonic Suppression Systems in Casinos (.pdf)
    to power everything from its internal computers, CRTs, and lights, to the ticket printer, bill changer, and hopper. Because switched-mode power supplies draw current in a. non-sinusoidal manner, these non-linear loads produce unwanted harmonic currents (specifically 3rd harmonic currents) which circulate

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