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  • Class D Amplifiers

    Class D amplifiers are of switched design. The output devices are switched on and off at least twice per cycle. Because the output devices (negative and positive) are completely on or completely off, no power is dissipated. Real-life Class D amplifiers are not 100% efficient, but approach 90%.

  • Performance and Reliability Improvements in High-Power Class D Audio Amplifier Design

    Class D systems are quickly narrowing audio performance gap with simpler, more efficient designs offering fidelity that can surpass that of analog amplifiers. But with higher fidelity comes increased complexity. This in-depth Silicon Labs white paper explores how to improve the performance

  • Using Single Supply Operational Amplifiers in Embedded Systems

    the level shift circuit wil. An inverting amplifier configuration is shown in. see dynamic or transient load changes, like the refer-. Figure 4. With this circuit, the signal at the input resistor. (R. ence to an Analog-to-Digital (A/D) converter. In these. 1) is gained and inverted to the output

  • The Proper Kind Of DC Brushless Motor Controller

    ;. PWM Proportional Control. Defense L.P. In image stabilization, most of the controlling.; Pulse width modulation, or PWM is the method by. is done right around a given point in space. This means. which all class D amplifiers operate. By turning the sup

  • Medical Device Link .

    . MR transmitters. PIN diode, 1 3 KV, 13 W, stud mount for high-power transmit. MR receivers. PIN diode, 1 KV, 10 W, axial and stud mount. Hearing Aids. Class D amplifier. Ultra-low-power, low quiescent current, true 1-V operation, thin die. Portable Diagnostic Meters (Glucose, Oximetry, Pulse

  • Medical Device Link .

    R &D Digest: The monthly review of new technologies and medical device innovations. A cocaine-detecting device could open the door to identifying a range of both legal and illegal drugs in minutes. The portable, handheld sensor built by researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara

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AR Modular RF
A Class A Wideband RF Power Amplifier

protection; input blanking, and over-temperature protection. On the basic model these features, plus remote power on/off control, are accessible for hard-wire remote operation through a 25-pin, D-subminiature connector. For a detailed description of these features refer to "SPECIAL FEATURES – KAA & KAW-SERIES SINGLE BAND RF POWER AMPLIFIERS". The Model KAW2080 is a 19-inch rack-mount unit, 8¾ inches high and 28 inches deep. Construction is completely modular; all subassemblies...

Federal Signal Corporation/Industrial Systems
PAGASYS Public Address/General Alarm System

be customized to meet the specific requirements of an industrial plant, campus-style facility or offshore platform. Pulse-width modulated, Class D amplifiers operate with greater than 84% efficiency; minimize heat generation; and prevent power surges upon start up. Also, these compact PA/GA systems require less space, a smaller UPS, and less cooling than traditional systems. An on-board digital signal processor provides tone generation and pre-recorded voice messages. Analog audio inputs permit integration...

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd.
X-rings and D-rings

rings can be manufactured by PPE to standard O-ring sizes, as well as custom sizes for specific applications. With an unrivalled range of elastomer materials available, PPE has an elastomer for every application, with performance characteristics that meet high temperature and aggressive chemical applications. For X-rings and D-rings used in food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications PPE offers a variety of elastomer material grades compliant with many international requirements such as FDA, USP Class...