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  • Getting up to speed with wrap-spring clutch/brakes
    No-slip clutch/brakes keep loads and drives synced up. A tape nip uses a motor and belt drive to power the input hub of a wrap-spring clutch/brake. The tape accurately pays out in increments determined by the number and location of stops on the stop collar. Wrap-spring clutch/brakes work at speeds
  • Getting Up to Speed With Wrap-Spring Clutch/Brakes
    Machines that move loads to specified positions and hold them within a few thousandths of an inch need highly controllable, precision brakes. Engineers typically spec friction brakes for these applications. But a wrap-spring clutch/brake can also do the job...
  • Active Coils in a Spring
    there will be a diameter change as the active portion is deflected or extended. In the case of a compression spring, the active portion will expand as the spring is compressed. The opposite is typical of an extension spring. The action of a clutch spring tightening down on a shaft is typical
  • Clutch/brake chops blade power
    , with a pulley attached by six leaf springs, matches rotor rpm in about 0.3 sec. The pulley then runs drive belts that turn the blades. Cutting electrical power to the coil lets the leaf springs pull back the armature from the rotor and into contact with a stationary brake shroud affixed to the clutch
  • Selecting a Wrap Spring Clutch/Brake for Optimal Performance and Long Service Life
    Clutches and brakes are among the most critical elements of many motion control systems. The. two most widely used types of clutches are electro mechanical friction and wrapped spring. When selecting a clutch, electro mechanical friction types usually come to mind first, but the. frequently
  • Ogura Electromagnetic Clutch Helps Doctors Increase Efficiency
    In the May issue of the Design News Medical Trend Watch, an article by Ogura showed how eye doctors were using a spring-applied clutch to achieve a finer control of a vision testing table. The article explained how the MCSC spring-applied clutch allowed doctors to adjust the equipment
  • Electric clutches on the go
    . The rotor assembly includes the pulley and bearing and is normally the point of input to the clutch. The armature assembly includes the armature disc, springs, and hub and is normally the output. The field assembly mounts to a stationary member such as a pump support bracket. The rotor, driven
  • Make It Last: Maximizing the Service Life of Industrial Air and Spring Actuated Friction Clutches and Brakes
    Determining how long a friction clutch or brake will last has much to do with application. Cycle rates, revolutions per minute and the air pressure required to produce the torque to drive or stop the load are just a few of the considerations. Assuming the unit has been properly sized

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