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    Chutes - (40 companies)
    ...chutes, garbage chutes, and waste chutes. Debris chute systems are used on construction sites and may be as long as 200 ft. With larger systems, chute hoists are used to lift, lower and anchor the debris chute. Debris netting and portable guardrail... Learn More
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    Crusher and Grinding Mill Wear Parts - (73 companies)
    There are two types of crusher blades: rotary and fixed. Both are designed for high-speed operation, but require periodic sharpening. Crusher plates are used to process brick, coal, limestone, gravel, and other aggregate materials. They have straight... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Conical and Telescopic Screw Covers-Image
    Conical and Telescopic Screw Covers - (13 companies)
    ...process and must be protected from damage with flexible conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers. Conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers are flexible tubes used to cover the length of a ball, lead, or acme screw. They are designed... Learn More
  • Manholes and Manhole Covers-Image
    Manholes and Manhole Covers - (192 companies)
    Manholes allow access to underground pipes, cables, meters and facilities. Manhole covers are used cover manholes. Manholes and Manhole Covers Information. Manholes allow access to underground piping, meters and facilities. Manholes perform... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Footwear and Footwear Covers - (88 companies)
    Footwear and Footwear Covers. Footwear covers. Ankle Boots. Steel-toe work boots. Image Credit: DME | Grainger | Grainger. Footwear and footwear covers includes protective shoes, boots, covers and other outer protective gear worn on the feet... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Way Covers and Shields - (27 companies)
    ...steel can be used for extreme conditions such as aggressive coolants. Depending on the fittings, speeds of up to 100 m/min can be attained by steel covers of all shapes. A telescoping steel way cover comes in many shapes. Examples include flat... Learn More
  • Fascia Covers - (19 companies)
    Fascia covers protect the vertically-oriented edge of a roof. They run along the perimeter of the roof to protect the underlying rafters and top of the exterior wall from weather damage and animals/insects. Fascia covers (also called fascia boards... Learn More
  • Electrical Connector Bases and Covers - (112 companies)
    Bases and Covers. Closure cover. Micro D Shell. Plastic sealing cover. Image Credit: AutomationDirect | Glenair | Multi-Contact USA. Electrical connector bases and covers are designed to provide mechanical protection for electrical connectors... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ladder Rungs and Covers - (25 companies)
    ...and fasteners. Product specifications for ladder rungs and covers also include the shape and diameter of the rung, the length and width of the ladder rung cover, and size or finish-related customization. Some ladder rungs and covers have special safety... Learn More
  • Tarpaulins - (261 companies)
    Tarpaulins are used to provide cover and protection from exposure to rain, sunlight, and other environmental conditions. How to Select Tarpaulins. Industrial tarpaulins are used to protect machinery, pallets, and building materials from exposure... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Optimum Determination of Dust Control Scheme of Coal Warehouse...
dust control schemes of coal warehouse bottom, namely setting the guide-chute without tail dust cover, setting the guide-chute and dust removal fan

Section 3.1 Pulverized Coal-Fired Subcritical Plant 400 MWe...
The traditional pulverized coal power plant of the 1970s and 1980s contained reliable equipment with built-in redundancy and several levels of

Advanced Computational Model for Three-Phase Slurry Reactors
The other main goal is to develop a computational capability for predicting the transport and processing of three-phase coal slurries.

Sieving & Material Testing Equipment | Welcome to Gilson...

See Gilson Company, Inc. Information

Level Measurement - Monitor Technologies - Bin Level...
improving accuracy of material weight calculation Solutions for plugged chute detection Silo terms used with Monitor's continuous level measurement /
See Monitor Technologies LLC Information

two or more valves or means CLASS: which extend over or secure the cover to the 48, and 49, for aprons or belts carrying generator and simultaneously

Class 105: RAILWAY ROLLING STOCK ( Manual of U.S. Patent...
. . With coal feeding means (e.g., stokers) . Coal feed 233 . . Reciprocatory plunger

CDC - NCEH - Healthy Housing Reference Manual - Chapter 6:...
Roof sheathingâ??The material used to cover the outside surface of the roof framing to provide lateral and rack support to the roof, as well as to

Technical Background Document on Control of Fugitive Dust at...
To meet the standard, the owner/operator would cover or otherwise manage CKD in a manner to control wind dispersal.

Palabora installs Curved Transfer Chute in Hard Rock to...
Palabora installs Curved Transfer Chute in Hard Rock to Minimize Belt Cover Wear

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