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  • Bringing High Reliability Testing to the Battlefield (.pdf)
    measurement after measurement. Traditional flexible coaxial cables use braid/foil outer conductors and repetitive flexure causes the braid and foil strands to deform, thereby changing the impedance and compromising the phase and amplitude stability of the cable. ./adc28bdf-7e58-4865-8f6c-88fd050ba651
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on IV Components
    from 0.063 to 0.125 in. 12721 Saticoy St. S., North Hollywood, CA 91605. (818/764-8222) Lightweight resin-made grounding cable clamps are copper plated to ensure simultaneous fastening and grounding for power/signal coaxial and braid shielded cables in the diameter range of 0.118 to 0.315
  • Measuring Thickness of Dielectric Materials using MTI Accumeasure TM Capacitance Instrumentation
    voltage required to keep the sensing current at a constant level over the rated displacement sensing range of the probe and amplifier combination. A high precision buffer amplifier is used to electrically drive the coaxial cable shield and the coaxial capacitance probe structure at the same amplitude
  • Low Cost Switched Diversity System (.pdf)
    . 4. It utilizes one RF coaxial cable for both. To reduce the cost of the above-mentioned system, the. the selected RF signal and the logic signal fed back from. RF cable that is used for the 10.7MHz feedback can be. the digital FM receiver. All the switched diversity. eliminated if IF signal
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Electronic Components
    shielded, electromagnetic interference is avoided despite the proximity of the components. The system is suited for the connection of coaxial cables to ultrasound probes used in medical equipment. Axon' Cable S.A., Montmirail, France. Conductive gaskets Foam covered with a conductive fabric is used
  • Microwave Nondestructive Testing of Composite Materials using Free-Space Microwave Measurement Techniques
    . This measurement system consists of a pair of spot-focusing horn lens antennas, mode transitions, coaxial cables and a vector network analyzer (VNA). The inaccuracies in free-space measurements are due to two main sources of errors. 1) Diffraction effects at the edges of the material specimen. 2
  • ? DBroadband Multimedia Servers for IPTVesign Options with ATCA (.pdf)
    DSLAM is 125. parallel sessions and 250 Mbps of downstream traffic. For DSL, the limiting factor is traffic per. individual subscriber line, so this figure is within reasonable boundaries. For CaTV networks, the last mile to the subscribers is covered by coaxial TV cable, which carries TV. channels
  • Using Commercial Lightning Protectors in Defense Applications (.pdf)
    frequencies. are more popular for local or line-of-sight. communication and for elevated tower-, air-. borne- or satellite-based relay communication. This article will introduce the fundamentals of. over-voltage protection for coaxial interfaces,. and discuss the specific challenges of protect-. ing

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