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  • Test of Friction Coefficient and the Precautions
    Coefficient of friction is one of the important indexes in evaluating film package. Acting as both dynamic force and resisting force in package process, frictional force should be controlled within a proper range. In the study of friction coefficient, it should be noted that temperature has a great
  • Material Friction Coefficient and Temperature
    Abstract: This article briefs on the influence of temperature fluctuation on friction coefficient of material. It also analyzes the actual testing requirements on film friction coefficient in actual application. The coefficient of friction is a measurement of frictional force between two surfaces
  • Friction Testers and Wear Testers
    Friction testers determine the coefficient of friction or the friction force. Additionally, they measure the resisting force tangential to the interface between two bodies when under the action of an external force, one body moves or tend to move relative to the other. Wear testers evaluate
  • Enhancing Titanium Friction & Wear Properties
    For all of the known benefits of titanium alloys in all sorts of applications, from medical to aerospace to automotive, titanium is also known to exhibit poor tribological properties. That is, it has a high coefficient of friction (COF) when in moving contact with essentially all structural metals
  • Nanoscience: Friction and Rheology on the Nanometer Scale
    Nanoscience: Friction and Rheology on the Nanometer Scale. Written for those new to the field of Nanoscience, this introductory guide examines traditional tribilogy concepts such as friction coefficients, adhesion and elasticity and stick-slip, as well as new concepts based on classical and quantum
  • Carbon/Carbon Based Silicon Carbide Conversion for Friction Applications
    for an aircraft including hold and takeoff in support of mission operations and maneuvers on aircraft carriers and assault ships. The brake material must stand up to highly resistant wear, heat and fracture specifications and have a very high static friction coefficient.
  • Prevents Buzz, Squeak and Rattle in Automotive Applications and Provide Non-Stick Low Surface Energy Materials for Industrial Applications - FT 0433(.pdf)
    An abrasion resistant tape designed for low coefficient of friction applications. Ideal for anti-squeak and rattle applications.
  • Lubricity of Materials and Solutions
    Coefficient of Friction (CoF) is used to quantify how readily two surfaces slide in the presence of a lubricant or oil. Conventional CoF tests use custom built hardware to measure the friction but no robust standardized approach is currently available and sensitivity and resolution are problematic

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