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  • What accuracies can color sensors and mini-spectrometers achieve?
    Spectrometers are used as reference devices in color measurements. However, they usually are to expensive and bulky for active usage in most applications. Color sensors and mini-spectrometers are effective solutions in this case. But which sensors and detectors are suited best for specific
  • Accuracy optimization of True Color Sensor solutions for LED color control of multiple LED light sources
    require long-term stable and reliable LED lighting control and regulation methods.  . Image 1: LED feedback control system. A LED feedback control system requires accurate and fast measurements of the current color point. For this purpose a True Color sensor (TCS) is required. Unlike a spectrometer
  • Near Infrared ( NIR ) Applications with Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers
    and lighting, LED and. laser development, optical component. characterization, paint color formulations, pulp and. paper processing, telecom monitoring, fiber optic. sensing, and UV process manufacturing. Fig.1: StellarNet’s spectrometer optics, here shown in an. In recent years, significant design
  • Hubble Unveils a Galaxy in Living Color
    in both "dusty " and "clean " regions of the galaxy. This color-composite image was created from seven images taken with three different Hubble cameras: the Faint Object Camera (FOC), the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2), and the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS).
  • Spectrometer Introduction - Wide Range of Application References
    the spectrum of stars, planets and comets; automobile industry, measure on-line low concentration of water contamination in oil, measure coating on car glass windows; and biology, to measure chlorophyll concentration and UV absorption, measuring color change and sexual behavior of fish under
  • HR4000 and USB4000 Shutter Mode Performance in Hardware Trigger Mode
    between Shutter mode and Nonshutter mode operation cannot be. used. Common applications that have limitations are the following: • Time Normalized Analysis below 3.8ms. • Absolute Irradiance Measurements below 3.8ms. • Color Measurements below 3.8ms. 210-00000-000-04-1007. 1. HR4000/USB4000 Shutter Mode
  • Conditioning: Is It Really Necessary?
    The spectrometer and its associated software are the key elements in digital color communication. This technology has allowed companies around the world to design, specify, and produce in a repeatable manner to the same set of standards. An issue that is often neglected is that certain dyes shift
  • Spectroscopy and Colorimetry
    , making these objects a metameric pair. This difference depends on the light source and the sensitivity of the sensor or the response of the human visual system. Common color-measurement devices are densitometers, colorimeters and spectrometers. A densitometer measures and computes how much of a known