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  • What is Conductivity? (.pdf)
    solutions. Simple conductivity sensors are constructed of an insulating material imbedded with platinum,. graphite, stainless steel or other metallic pieces. These metal contacts serve as sensing. elements and are placed at a fixed distance apart to make contact with a solution whose. conductivity
  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters (.pdf)
    solids, ions. and metals, the conductivity will also vary. De-ionized, distilled and other purifi ed solutions used in. pharmaceutical and chemical industries are generally not conductive, and therefore will not work with. magnetic inductive fl ow meters. • Conductivity varies with temperature
  • High-Tech, Space-Age Metal Surface Enhancement Coating Solves Wear and Release Problems for Pine Instrument Company's Gyratory Compaction Asphalt Testers
    are looking for better ways to resist such things as wear, abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack, as well as ways to provide dry lubrication, dielectric strength, hardness, conductivity, mold release, and many other performance characteristics. Magnaplate's second-generation "synergistic" thermal
  • Technical Insights into Uninhibited Ethylene Glycol (.pdf)
    Uninhibited ethylene glycol has been a popular heat transfer fluid choice in chillers for many years because of its initial low cost and excellent freeze and heat protection over a wide temperature range. It also has good heat transfer capabilities and low conductivity, not to mention
  • Jarden Solid Zinc Brochure
    have good. alternative to other metals such. electrical properties with electrical. Finishing: as copper and brass. It will. conductivity equal to 70/30 brass. Being one of the most versatile. produce more pieces per kilogram. non-ferrous metals available, solid. unit of weight due to the weight
  • The use of alkenyl succinic
    reused five to seven times before it would eventually be incinerated or go to landfill. 3) There was a growing interest in closing up mills and reducing the amount of water discharged. This increased the conductivity in the system, as well as increasing the temperature of the stock. All these factors
  • Tiltmeter Temperature Coefficients: Source, Definition and Use to Improve Accuracy
    electronics. There is one additional effect of temperature on electrolytic tilt sensors. The conductivity of the electrolyte changes more than. five-fold over the typical operating range of a tiltmeter (typically -40 to +70°C). By measuring sensor output ratiometrically. (taking output as a percentage
  • Electrochemical Oxygen Sensors (.pdf)
    on the logarithmic curve. lly a metal oxide film,. such as tungsten oxide or tin oxide. An additional problem is the inherent instability of. Normally, the semiconductor layer has a low. the semiconductor layer, which results in a changing. electrical conductivity, but in the presence of H. baseline
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    . Flow & Level. pH & Conductivity. Automation. Product by Category. Test & Measurement. Lab Equipment. Environmental. Process Control. Power Monitoring. Search Tools. Product Finders. Thermocouples. Handheld Meters. Wireless Sensors. Load Cells. Pressure transducers. Strain Gages. Data Acquisition

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