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  • Water Reuse Supports Growth in Georgia
    by local governments, developers, and golf communities. An individual 18-hole course can absorb up to half a million gallons per day during summer months. Pumpkinvine is just the latest of eight reuse plants now either under construction or in the pipeline that will soon have a combined capacity of 55
  • Smashing! The future of fusion heats up
    , Russia, Switzerland, and the U.S. Construction will begin in 2007 at a site in Cadarache, France, with the $5 billion plant expected to be up and running in 2016. ITER's goal is not electricity generation, per se, but rather to serve as an experimental test bed for optimizing fusion processes
  • Acoustifence: Installation and Specifications
    . World Fence News defines Acoustifence as a "new defense against outdoor noise pollution ". Commonly used in industrial usage, highways, construction sites, mass transit rail lines and even dog kennels, it is now available for residential use. It is a simple and economical first step in noise reduction
  • Insulation and Liquified Natural Gas In Production and Storage
    perlite and fiber glass blankets. The tank roof typically has a floating component insulated with closed cell foam. The tank base is usually insulated with multiple layers of high-density cellular glass. The details of the base and sidewall construction vary with the overall tank design. Two examples
  • 50 questions to help your CMMS search
    of the moment) reports to answer questions that come up. This is sometimes called a report writer. Has the ability to generate equipment/asset history from birth (installation, construction, or connection) with all major repairs and summaries of smaller repairs. System reports are designed around
  • Flow Measurement and Control for Small Line or Batch Processes (.pdf)
    of construction and. of raw products or other ingredients, as well as material waste,. any moving parts are a vital to. energy—even end-customer satisfaction--all can be influenced. ensuring fluid compatibility and. by the precise measurement of air, gas, steam and liquid. g. service life. Acidic or caustic
  • In vivo imaging of malaria parasites in the murine liver
    endothelial barrier. cell damage and allows high-speed data acquisition. Combined. via a paracellular or a transendothelial route. The fine biology. with the construction of recombinant rodent malaria parasites14–16. of parasite maturation in vivo is also largely unexplored, and the. NATURE PROTOCOLS
  • Moisture Effects on Coaxial Cable
    require other routing considerations. in installation. These problems often dictate the choice of the higher. Moisture can become trapped. performance construction. inside the antenna connector. as a result of repeated expo-. Now, at least theoretically, whatever moisture goes in can also get out