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  • Pulley Blocks-Image
    Pulley Blocks - (132 companies)
    Pulley Blocks Information. Pulley blocks are assemblies that consist of a hook or shackle, swivel, bearing, sheaves, sprockets, pins and frame. They are suspended by a hoisting rope or load chain and are designed for a variety of lifting...
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  • Industrial Cranes-Image
    Industrial Cranes - (1049 companies)
    ...rotation. Gantry cranes have a horizontal beam and end supports or legs. Machines range in size from small, workstation cranes to very large, heavy-duty construction cranes. Overhead cranes or bridge cranes attach a horizontal load-carrying beam to wall...
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  • Hooks-Image
    Hooks - (293 companies)
    ...such as chain grade, fractional size, and country of origin for traceability purpose. For example, clevis hooks and grab hooks may be rated for Grade 63, Grade 70, or Grade 80 alloy chain. Fractional sizes for hooks are measured in English units...
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  • Lifting Slings-Image
    Lifting Slings - (347 companies)
    ...on the end, including sling hooks, grab hooks, foundry hooks, or locking hooks. The weight, size, and shape of the object elevated by a sling lift determines whether an operator uses a single, double, or triple chain sling. Components. Other lifting sling...
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  • Hook and Loop Fasteners-Image
    Hook and Loop Fasteners - (97 companies)
    Hook and loop fasteners consist of two layers of fabric. The hook layer is covered with tiny hooks and the loop layer is covered with tiny loops. Hook and loop fasteners are commonly known as Velcro (R). Velcro is a registered trademark of Velcro...
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    Crane and Rigging Services - (111 companies)
    ...or adjustable booms, and may be portable or stationary. Gantry cranes vary in size from small workstations to very large, heavy-duty construction cranes. Many crane services provide bridge or overhead cranes, mobile or truck-mounted cranes, boom cranes...
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    Calibration and Test Weights - (63 companies)
    ...for easy carrying, which is useful for high mass weights. Hook: an integral hook for hanging from a scale or weight cart; range in size from low to high mass sizes. Knob: a knob machined into the weight provides easy handling with a weigh fork...
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    Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers - (39 companies)
    Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers Information. Surface area and pore size analyzers are used to measure the surface area and pore size of a sample. Surface area helps determine parameters such as how solids dissolve, burn, and react with other...
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    Crane and Hoist Repair Services - (62 companies)
    Crane and hoist repair service companies provide maintenance, repair, and restoration for cranes and hoists. Crane repair and hoist repair services provide maintenance, repair, and restoration for cranes and hoists. Catering engineering solutions...
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    Scales and Balances - (990 companies)
    ...a pendulum and fluid mechanics to determine weight. Pendulum balances supply a platform or hook attached to a fulcrum. Opposite the platform is a weighted, pointed indicator. When an object is weighed the indicator rises until the load is balanced...
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  • ASTM DS67C - Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards
    … tubes -- Technical conditions for delivery Plain end as-welded and sized precision steel tubes -- Technical … … Symbols for use in specifications -- Part 1: Tubes and … … masses per unit length Cranes and lifting appliances -- Selection … … 8) Forged steel lifting hooks with point and eye …
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    yard crane , 255 Mobile storage systems, 584-588 carriages, 585 flexibility of, 584-586 justification for, 586 product application, 588 safety systems, 587 selecting and specifying , 586-587 Modular drawer systems … … tubular track, 435-436 Motor sizes , 247 Motor-transmission-drive … … equipment, 1231-1235 Mobile hydraulic cranes, 253 belt conveyors, 253 chains, 253 C hooks , 253 crane hoisting …
  • Federal Register > Thursday, October 9, 2008 > [73 FR 59714] Cranes and Derricks in Construction
    2) Load hoist drums shall have rope capacity with the recommended rope size and reeving to perform crane service within the range of boom lengths, operating radii, and vertical lifts specified by the manufacturer. … than two full wraps of rope shall remain on the drum when the hook is in the …