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  • Re: Electronic components.

    Very often electronic components are mechanically stabilized, improved in insulation properties and protected from environmental influence by being enclosed in synthetic resin Components may be passive or active: * Passive components are those that do not have gain or directionality.^...

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Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
CRT power supplies still made in the USA!

VMI ’s CRS high voltage power supplies feature an adjustable output voltage of 11kV to 18kV and an adjustable anode current from zero - 550uA.  . CRS power supplies are designed specifically for use with CRT displays - (remember them?) and sensors.   CRTs are still around and can be found in high-end display and monitor applications that require high, crisp, contrast, deep blacks, wide range of colors, color fidelity, and fast reponse times.   VMI is one of the few sources...

Daburn Electronics & Cable
CRT High Voltage Corona Resistant PTFE Wire

Avoid Corona Problems: Corona Resistant PTFE construction is specifically designed to retard and prevent corona penetration. Small Size: You do not need bulky, thick insulation jacketing as used with silicone rubber and polyethylene insulation to get your Hi-Voltage requirements. Wire used is Mil-Spec QQ-W-343 and Mil-W-16878. Temperature Variations: Temperature variations from -90 °C to +200 °C have no life effect on the corona resistant PTFE. In addition, there is no stress or crack...

Telecom Battery Monitor

The Universal Xplorer Telecom Battery Monitor, from Alber, is a. A Real Time Battery Monitor Designed for Use in Telecommunications or in DC Powered Data Centers. Automate the IEEE Recommended Practices for battery maintenance and testing. Monitor up to four strings in parallel. Robust design will monitor any 24V to 48V battery configuration. Stay connected with Web enabled technology. Multiple remote communications and alarm options. Monitor Critical Overall String Voltage. Parameters Real...