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  • Storage Terminals - Making Smart Energy Choices
    of transporta-. sizes, from one – and two – tank bulk plants to. tion to another, and into transport vessels for. sprawling complexes dotted with 50,000 gallon. delivery to the end-user. (189,000 litre) storage tanks that are operated by. This reliance on pumps, coupled with their. ?? OFI – JULY 2012
  • Vegetable Oil Refining
    : Solution Concentration Monitoring and Control. Petro. Analyze Naphtha Quality in Crude Distillation Unit. Fuel Analysis: Water Detection in Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, and Gasoline. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Pipeline Color Monitoring. Color of Refined Fuels. Power. Trace Lube Oil in Cooling Water. Pulp
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
    . Process Temperature Maintenance. Oil and Gas products can also require electric heat tracing for process temperature maintenance of pipes, instrumentation and tanks in the following typical situations. High wax content a • nd/or pour point of crude oil • Vapour pipelines from product tanks
  • ARMEX (R) Cleans Skid in Record Time
    , etc. The function of the skid is to meter, pump, and measure the flow of crude oil from offshore ships to onshore storage tanks. The work needed to be done so that the skid -- and the equipment on it -- could be rebuilt and repainted. Total surface area of all the components making up the skid
  • Developing Technologies to Detect Hydrogen Sulfi de (H2S) Gas (.pdf)
    , nitrogen, and H. 20. Sense of smell to gas lost. 2S, create dan-. Concentrations tolerated for some hours. gerous hazards. without harm. • Mud return line receiver tank. 20-50. Eye irritation. 50. Prolonged exposure may cause pharyngitis. • Crude oil storage tanks, pipes, fl anges, and valves
  • SPCC Compliance Solutions (.pdf)
    for creating SPCC plans in writing if. they are a non-transportation related entity that meets both of the following criteria: (1) They have an above ground oil storage capacity over 1,320 gallons or have. completely buried tanks with a capacity greater than 42,000 gallons;. (2
  • Vapor Recovery in Natural Gas (.pdf)
    Recovering methane gas vapors from tank batteries is not a new application for most owners and operators of oil-and-gas production companies and crude-oil storagetank facilities. However, the economics for justifying the installation of Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs) on tank-batteries vary
  • Is "Dark Fuel" the same as "Bad Fuel" and can I still use it?
    fuel can range from colorless, to amber or light brown color, depending on the crude oil and the refinery process used to produce it. In addition, dyes may be added to change the fuel color for tax identification purposes. In time, stored fuel will darken due to oxidation, repolymerization

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