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...frequency range, provided by the manufacturer, and that the antenna is properly calibrated at that frequency. 5) Measure the RF Voltage, Va, referenced to the receiving system. The units should be in decibels referenced to 1 micro-volt, dBm V. If the units are in absolute micro-volts (dependent...

). Power. Supply. +8.0. volts. IP3: 20.17. dBm. Current Supply. 100 mA. LO to RF Isolation: 26.5 dBm. Conversion. loss: 7.7. dB. LO. to IF Isolation: 36.0 dBm. Sample LO (SO): -14 dBm. Note: The mixer that was used for this particular model was originally designed for use. in an up converter. This is why...

—. —. m2. capacitance. farad. F. A–s/V. charge. coulomb. C. A–s. Conversion Factors. density. —. —. kg/m3. To convert from To. Multiply by. electric fi eld strength volt/meter. V/m. —. Acceleration. energy. joule. J. N–m. g. meters/s2. 9.807. force. newton. N. kg–m/s2. g. feet/s2. 32.16. frequency. hertz... the coupler directivity. conversion schemes. This normally. The Control Interface should be. requires +10 to +17 dBm output sig-. fast, versatile, and easy to use. nal, although some applications need. Although, there is no set industry. more power. The output power can be. controlled with an attenuator...

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