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...spins to conform to an external magnetic field force). All materials are magnetic to some degree, and those that are not considered ferromagnetic (easily magnetized) are classified as either paramagnetic (slightly magnetic) or diamagnetic (tend to exclude magnetic fields). Of the two, diamagnetic...

...field that is applied by a reader ( b). This process eliminates the contribution of linear diamagnetic or paramagnetic materials such as the sample matrix, consumable plastics, and nitrocellulose. The intrinsic magnetic noise generated by the MIAtek reader is very low, with typical susceptibility... effect on the normal and sickle hemoglobin. [Motta, M., Pai, V. M., Haik, Y. and Chen C. J. "High Magnetic Field Effect on Human Deoxyhemoglobin Light Absorption," Journal of Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics, Vol. 47, pp. 297-300, 1998.] Orientational effects may be attributed to the diamagnetic...

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