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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
7499152 PLC Radwell Amp Electrical Products, Conduit & Fitting CABLE CLAMP KIT INSULATION DIAMETER 4.32-9.65MM
EN6042M1215 PLC Radwell Lapp Usa Electrical Products, Conduit & Fitting CABLE GLAND 12MM CORD DIAMETER
EN6042M25X15 PLC Radwell Lapp Usa Electrical Products, Conduit & Fitting CABLE GLAND 25MM CORD DIAMETER
EN6042M16X15 PLC Radwell Lapp Usa Electrical Products, Conduit & Fitting CABLE GLAND 16MM CORD DIAMETER
H663A PLC Radwell Hubbell Electrical Products, Conduit & Fitting CABLE GRIP 60AMP 1.312-1.14 DIAMETER
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  • Ethernet Cable: A Guideline to Implementing Solid or Stranded Cables
    , solid cables are. twisted-pair cables, which can improve the signal quality physically stronger and easier to work with. Further, the. and cable flexibility. There are several different categories larger wires provide superior electrical characteristics. and classes of cable to indicate
  • The Importance of Oil Resistant Cables
    of Engineering. Of all the chemical exposures that can affect the life and performance of electrical cables, oil is one of the most damaging. Used as a coolant and lubricant in many industrial and infrastructure settings, oil can inflict molecular damage on the polymers used for cable insulation
  • Cable Materials
    We sometimes forget that many cables are not designed to conduct. electrical power or signals, such as cables which support bridges, actuate. ailerons, and tow cars, for example. Mechanical wire & cable is a. big (but another) industry. There are, however, similarities between mechanical
  • Velocity Factor in Cables
    = Length of the cable in feet. Water (Distilled). 82. 11%. 9.2. C = Velocity of light in free space. *Theoretical values if cables were constructed of these materials. e = dielectric constant. VOP is expressed in percent. Table 1. Electrical parameters of various materials. quality. serVice
  • 8 Guidelines for Cable Installation
    eight guidelines for cable handling and installation, specifically for round electrical cables, from start to finish: Lay the cables straight inside the cable carrier and avoid twisting the cable when it is pulled into place. Do not uncoil cables from the top of the spool. igus®’ Chainflex
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Cables, Connectors, and Plugs
    (isolated ground) receptacles separate earth contacts from their mounting straps, isolating the circuit from transient signals. The 15-, 20-, and 30-A wiring devices are suited for sensitive electrical and electronic equipment used in industrial environments. Marinco Specialty Wiring Devices, Napa
  • Signal Interference and Cable Shielding
    electrical interference (noise) related failures. Depending on the application, cables can be adversely affected by EMI/RFI/ESI (electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference, electrostatic interference) also known as ‘signal interference.’ To combat the effects of signal interference proper
  • Accessorize Your Cable Carrier
    made of high-performance plastic and steel, and a KMA version, which attaches flush to the machine. PMA corrugated tubing. PMA protective hoses are for applications requiring flexible protection for electrical wires and cables. igus® offers a line of PMA, which can be used in a variety

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