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Parts by Number for Dp Pump Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DP-25P Global Industrial Action Pump Co Not Provided Action Pump Polypropylene Rotary Pump
DP-25R Global Industrial Action Pump Co Not Provided Action Pump Ryton Rotary Pump
DP-200 Allied Electronics, Inc. OK INDUSTRIES Not Provided Desolder Pump; ESD safe; high vacuum; 13in L; plastic w/metal plunger;teflon tip
DP-100 Allied Electronics, Inc. OK INDUSTRIES Not Provided Desolder Pump; high vacuum; 13in L; plastic w/metal plunger; teflon tip
DP-140 Allied Electronics, Inc. OK INDUSTRIES Not Provided Desolder Pump; high vacuum; 8in L; plastic w/metal plunger; teflon tip
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Conduct Research Top

  • Towards the Single Pump Solution - Recent Development in High Speed Machines for Dry Vacuum Pumping (.pdf)
    is illustrated in Fig. 1. The Holweck stage Fig. 2 , comprises a stator in which. uA. 1 + k1P. 1 dP. = C. ,. 1. are machined a set of parallel helical grooves forming a set. L. m + Cv. 1 + k2P. P dx. of parallel pumping channels. The rotor is simply a plane. cylinder. Alternatively the stator may
  • Chemical Pumps: Zero Liquid Discharge in Surface Treatment Shop
    ) and at pH between 2 and 11. They are sensible to oxidant agents. The permeate flows, for pure water, are proportional to the difference of pressure on the two sides of the lateral wall and membrane surface. Q = KS ( Dp). For a solution containing electrolytes, the equation reported above is modified
  • Presentation on TX series Hydrogen Pump
    – November 3rd, 2011. Orlando, Florida, USA. 1.0 Importance of Hydrogen Recirculation. in PEM Fuel Cell Systems. There are several key factors for proper anode gas mixture. recirculation in Fuel Cell systems and they can be. classified as follows: • Ensure Minimum Anode dP across
  • Medical Device Link . Comparing Liquid and High Consistency Silicone Rubber Elastomers: Which Is Right for You?
    compositions that contain silicone polymers, reinforcing and extending fillers, and cure ingredients. The polymers used in silicone elastomers are of the general structure depicted in Figure 1, where R represents -OH, -CH=CH , or another alkyl or aryl group, and the degree of polymerization (DP
  • The evolution in Eucalyptus pulp bleaching
    attractive option is the combination of an ozone stage with a directly added chlorine dioxide treatment. Removal of double bonds, lignin and hexenuronic acids, is very good and a high brightness stability results. The total electricity demand of the Z/D-P treatment is lower as is investment. One
  • On-line Water in Gasoil Droplet Size Analysis (.pdf)
    . introduced into the flow. ) 500. Tests done at IFTS with calibrated orifice and gas oil. m. flow between 50 and 200L/h have allowed determining. (. µ 400. 0. DP conditions necessary to generate droplet size. 5D. corresponding to the two types of pumps/gasoline. 300. transfer system previously
  • The Town of Walden Responds to Changing Measurement Needs
    of considered instrument options because of its high accuracy, flexible installation requirements and versatile capabilities (Fig 1). It is a differential pressure (DP) type flow meter with a design that includes a self-conditioning cone within the meter. This unique DP type flow meter is especially useful
  • SPEED LIMITS: Relating flow velocity to hydraulic performance
    . is the volume flow rate through a hose or other fluid conduit divided by the cross-sectional area of the flow passage. Typical units of bulk flow velocity are ips or fps. b indicates the relationship when pressure rises DP as fluid compresses ( DV) in a pressure vessel of volume The negative sign

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