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  • Why calibrate test equipment?
    , Everett, WA USA 98206. corrects. checked, as well. Fluke Europe B.V. But, suppose you drop a cur-. • Per requirements. Some. PO Box 1186, 5602 BD. rent clamp — hard. How do you. measurement jobs require. Eindhoven, The Netherlands. know that clamp will accurately. calibrated, certified test equip
  • First Medical Test On CD Gets Good Results
    inside tiny wells carved into the CD surface. The spinning of the CD activates the tests. In a recent issue of the journal Analytical Chemistry, the engineers report that the CD successfully detected a sample of rat antibody -- a standard laboratory test -- using only one-tenth the usual amount
  • Safety Standards & Regulations
    test is performed to ensure that the current flowing back down the earth wire is within acceptable limits and not likely to. cause injury to personnel. It is only required by some specific standards (eg EN61010 and EN60950). Also, depending on the standard will dictate. whether is it performed
  • Trends in PC-based Test and Measurement
    at a. headquarters facility rather than locally. Some of the most exciting new networks and. communications standards for PC-based test include the latest Ethernet protocols, Universal. Serial Bus (USB) and Industrial Fieldbus. According to a Keithley study completed in 1998 (Table 1), most test
  • Comparative Test of Low Voltage Lighting Transformers
    . Installation. Maintenance. Newsletter. Licensing. FAQ. Support. Overview. Product Documents. Maintenance. FAQ. Gallery. Contact. Referrals. STORE. homeowners. Learning / Articles / Product Information. Comparative Test of Low Voltage Lighting Transformers. Two Leading Landscape Lighting Transformers
  • Neutron Hardness of Photodiodes For Use in Passice Rubidium Frequency Standards (.pdf)
    RFSʼs. For neutron fluences above about 1 x 1011 n/. fluence levels. With the goal of obtaining a more neutron-resistant. cm², the short circuit current (for constant illumination) of this type. photodiode than is normally used in an RFS, experiments were car-. of photodiode starts to drop rapidly
  • Medical Device Link .
    mechanical abuse tests are performed to ensure that the enclosure does not expose any live parts or cause a fire, electric shock, or mechanical hazard from these tests. The ball-impact test is an addition to the requirements in IEC 60601-1, and the drop test is a modification of the test requirements
  • Technical Reference: What is the meaning of Vf as it Relates to a Diode or Rectifier?
    diode?. A schottky diode is a fast switching silicon diode with a low forward voltage drop. Go to Top. How do I specify a zener diode?. The minimum specifications should include: The zener voltage. The tolerance. The test current. Power dissipation. Standard Zener diode Power classifications are ј w

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