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    DC Power Cords - (41 companies)
    DC power cords are electrical cables that are used to connect two DC devices or a DC device and a DC power source. They are also known as DC power cables. Learn More
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    AC-DC Converters - (128 companies)
    AC-DC converters are electrical circuits that transform alternating current (AC) input into direct current (DC) output. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electrical Power Generators - (1058 companies)
    Electrical power generators, also known as alternators, transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. They can be used for backup or emergency power or as an alternator on board a vehicle. Generators can produce either AC or DC power and are typically powered by a fuel engine. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Valve Actuators - (872 companies)
    Valve actuators mount on valves and, in response to a signal, move a valve to a desired position using an outside power source. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electric Valve Actuators - (408 companies)
    Electric valve actuators mount on valves which, in response to a signal, automatically move to a desired position using an outside power source. Single-phase or three-phase AC or DC motors drive a combination of gears to generate the desired torque level. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • DC Power Supplies - (1202 companies)
    DC power supplies accept an input power and output the desired form of DC power. Common types of DC power supplies include linear power supplies, switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) type power supplies. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Traction and Tension Dynamometers - (33 companies)
    Traction dynamometers and tension dynamometers are used to measure force in tension, traction and weighing applications with cables, guy wires and chain. Learn More
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    Linear solenoids convert electrical energy into mechanical power via a plunger with an axial stroke in either a push or pull action. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gearmotors - (627 companies)
    Gearmotors consist of an AC or DC motor with an integral gearbox or gear head typically used to adjust the motor's output speed and torque. Search by Specification | Learn More
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Nickel?cadmium battery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Turbo generator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RP4 turbogenerator, a 500W/24V generator for a steam locomotive; dynamo on the left, turbine on the right

JB Dynamo 250 24V 250W ELC | Scanners | Lighteffects | Licht |...

Steuerung für 24V DC Motor mit 24V Tachoausgang über Logo...
(mit max 24V) Der Tacho / Dynamo ist bei voller Drehzahl auf 23,6V und sinkt mit fallender Drehzahl auf Null ab!
See Siemens Automation & Drives Information

Stroomwinkel | Laadstroomverdelers nu online te bestellen !...

Scheidingsrelais BS 160-12/24 | Stroomwinkel

SIGNAL-SOFFITTE 8X31MM 15V 1,2W S7 KLAR - Produkte bei Conrad!
SIGNAL-SOFFITTE 11X39MM 24V 3W S8 KLAR Produkt-Nr.: 582723 SOFFITTE 11X43MM 24V 5W S8 Produkt-Nr.: 725908

Hella H4 24v 100/90w Bulb
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Dc Mini Gear Motor,Buy Quality Dc Mini Gear Motor from...
Advanced/Safe Micro DC motor Input:6-24V Output:5-15W Torque:40kg/cm No load speed:1.5-5rpm Reduction ratio:1:5-1:1420... Place of Origin: CN;ZHE
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led ammeters - search result, Shaanxi Xieli Photo Electric...
ampere meter 1,LED color:red,green,blue 2,Used generator and dynamo 3,ISO9001&CE

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