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Parts by Number for Efd Dispenser Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
7012332 PLC Radwell Efd Not Provided DISPENSER
1000XL PLC Radwell Efd Tools, Dispensers DISPENSING UNIT LIQUID .75AMP 120VAC
5112B-B ASAP Semiconductor EFD Not Provided DISPENSER 30CC BARREL
2015A PLC Radwell Efd Sensors & Switches, Foot Switch FOOT PEDAL EPOXY DISPENSER 24VDC

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  • Dispensers
    EFD fluid dispensers provide much greater control than the squeeze bottles, swabs and hand syringes often used in manual assembly processes.
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    Fluid-dispensing workstation enhances assembly process control A dispenser of adhesives and other fluids that are used in catheter assembly has been engineered to maximize yields, contain costs, and provide good process control. Available from EFD International Inc. (Dunstable, Beds, UK
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    a UV-blocking additive that allows the adhesive level to be monitored without the risk of premature curing. A microprocessor-based timer permits dispense time to be adjusted in increments as little as 0.001 seconds. EFD, 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914-1378. Return to the MPMN home page
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    with surgical sealants and adhesives, orthopaedic cements, and other materials. EFD International Inc., Dunstable, Beds, UK. Cyanoacrylates. Additional resources on joining technologies: The Use Of Adhesives For Catheter Bonding. Fast-setting cyanoacrylate adhesives eliminate the need for fixturing
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    and spills, and crimped Teflon-lined tips ensure clog-free operation. EFD International Inc., Luton, Beds, UK. Tubing and fitting solvent dispenser A solvent dispenser consists of an HDPE bottle, a dispensing wick customized to the client's exact OD specifications, and a stainless-steel frame that can
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    or inert polymer for compatibility with a wide range of materials. A fast, clean cutoff prevents dripping or drooling. Typical applications include filling pouches, foil packs, bottle, and sample containers. EFD Inc., 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914-1378. Solvent and adhesive dispensers
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    spray valve features stainless-steel components and uses low-volume, low-pressure air to apply lubricants evenly and without overspray or dripping. Coatings can be applied either steadily or at timed intervals to match specific production requirements. EFD Inc., 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI
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    different dispensing applications. The products are mechanical, electrically operated system and do not require the use of compressed air. EFD Inc., East Providence, RI. High-speed fluid deliverySuitable for use with stacked die and densely packed boards, a precise, high-speed delivery