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  • Application Note: Comparative Motor Technologies
    or squirrel cage-type motor with which most industrial people are familiar. The motor construction, very simple and well tooled over the past 4 decades, provides for low cost and reliable operation. The control devices used with this type of motor are also mature, straightforward technology. Electric
  • Medical Device Link .
    introduction. Joining is another area of competence. Company engineers can apply laser-welding, soldering, brazing, crimping, and UV-adhesive technologies in order to solve joining challenges, and can also design mechanical locking features. Accellent Inc., Herveld, Netherlands. Electric linear actuator
  • Leland Teschler's Editorial: One Less Conspiracy
    concentrates on electric motors. But the recently concluded Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress showcased combustion technologies that probably wouldn 't have gotten a second look just a few years ago. Among them was the Scuderi split-cycle engine recently covered in There, too
  • Into the Mix: Centralized Lubrication Technology
    harsh operating conditions, industrial plants face their fair share of lubrication challenges. There is no shortage in the number and types of lubrication applications in a plant (conveyor bearings, chain drives, gears, gearboxes, un-mounted bearings, electric motors, air compressors, fans
  • Gearbox Basics: Selecting and Applying Speed Reducers (.pdf)
    in complex machinery. the highest torque in the smallest package. decrease in gearbox life will result. Inertia, friction, and gravity – the physical. Therefore, to arrive at the effective torque. Service Factors. Degree of. shock of. Electric motor -. Piston engine, hydraulic motor -. Single
  • Linear actuator simplifies machine building
    describes is Exlar’s patented planetary roller screw technology. A specially designed roller screw mechanism converts electric motor power into linear motion. Planetary rollers assembled around the actuator’s extending rod follow threads that are precisely machined into the inside surface
  • Medical Device Link .
    to mesh. The orbiting scroll is driven by an electric motor; as it orbits around the fixed scroll, crescent-shaped gas pockets (formed by the meshed scrolls) spiral toward the center and diminish in size. Gas is trapped in the two diametrically opposed gas pockets and compressed as the pockets move
  • Medical Device Link .
    scroll is indexed or phased 180 with respect to the other to allow the scrolls to mesh. This indexing creates crescent-shaped gas pockets, bounded by the involutes and base plates of both scrolls. In operation, one scroll remains fixed; the other is attached to an eccentric, driven by an electric