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  • Using Connector Lubricants for Warranty Reduction (.pdf)
    the male and female portions are mated. Nye Lubricants, Inc. 2. Phone 508-996-6721 SPECIFYING AN ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR LUBE. The first question to ask is, grease or oil? With very light. contact forces and a benign environment, an oil can be used. However, grease — which is a base oil
  • Thermal Millboard - D-8080
    D-8080 is a thermal barrier material suitable for dry heat applications, electrical fixtures, and light-duty appliances. It can be used as a radiant heat shield where insulating properties are needed. Sealinfo: D-8080 - Gasket sealing solutions and engineered composite materials. Gasket Materials
  • Comparing Substrate Solutions for Automotive Power Electronics Applications (.pdf)
    sub-systems such as steering, direct fuel. but also provide the primary thermal path for the. injection, valve operation, water and oil pumps, are. semiconductor devices to a metal baseplate or heatsink. driving the need for higher power electronic substrates. Multi-level electrical interconnection
  • What Are Refractory Metals?
    are made of refractory metals or have been cut or formed by them. Your car's electrical or electronic systems may also make use of the metals' electric and heat-conducting qualities. On the other hand, refractory metals were used in the tools which helped to drill the well which produces the gasoline
  • Zooming in on Zeta Potential (.pdf)
    . these conditions.”. Continued. Finally, the instrument has also proved itself extremely useful in real time studies. according to Professor Stefan Highsmith of the Department of Biochemistry,. University of the Pacific. “We study the electrical properties of contractile proteins like. actin, myosin
  • The Best Heat Transfer Fluids for Liquid Cooling
    , salts, and other impurities that can cause corrosion or scale formation. Compared to tap water and most fluids, deionized water has a high resistivity. Deionized water is an excellent insulator, which is why it is used in the manufacturing of electrical components where parts must be electrically
  • Instrumentation in Produced Water Applications
    . A combination. radar/capacitance sensor can detect the water level. When trying to make an interface measurement, capacitance has advantages over guided wave radar. Capacitance measures. the electrical differences between the water and oil. Even with the presence of an emulsion layer, there will still
  • Lube it for life
    , they have better thermal and electrical conductivity. Inorganic salt impregnations are proprietary formulations that improve oxidation resistance of the carbon-graphite or electrographite base material. There are two categories to which mechanical-carbon applications are divided: dry running

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