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  • Electrical Termination & Mounting Configurations of UltraVolt HVPSs
    , whichever is preferred. Should the UltraVolt HVPS be PCB mounted, the HVPS should be held in place using #2 screws threaded into the HVPS's two molded-in thermal standoffs. These screws should brace the HVPS to the PCB, ensuring both a solid electrical connection to all pins and a firm mechanical
  • Designing Precision-Machined Pins for Power Converters
    converters. seated height of the converter and allow airflow. is measured in fractions of a “brick” (full,1. on both sides of the converter. /2 ,1/4. ,1/. • Pins can be machined from different copper. 8 ). Twenty years ago, “full brick” sized power. converters were fully encapsulated and mounted
  • Spring Pin Socket User Manual
    on. the spring probe which in turn compresses on the circuit board and thereby making electrical connection. Selecting a BGA Spring pin socket. Please refer to the IC package drawing to select the corresponding BGA spring pin socket. Visit the. Ironwood website: Select
  • Pin-in-Paste Application Note (.pdf)
    to be switched to equivalent SM parts. The. problem occurs that some equivalent SM parts are. simply not available on the market or due to electrical. and mechanical limitations, a solution is not possible. Picture 2 - Sample Board. In our continuing strategy to deliver unparalleled circuit protection
  • No-Clean Flux Residue and Underfill Compatibility Effects on Electrical Reliability
    . There are also a number of underfill chemistries on the market. Furthermore,. underfill curing conditions vary depending on whether the SMDs are. exposed on the surface of the PCB or underneath an RF shield. This paper. will discuss an experiment designed to measure the electrical reliability
  • Guidelines for Surface-Mount Power Modules Using Column Pins with Solder Balls (.pdf)
    that. five different drop attitudes. No physical damage. were soldered to test panels developed for the. to any of the components soldered to the circuits. purpose of electrical and thermal performance. was observed. Retest of the units after the drop. verification. A total of three panels were fully
  • Optimize Your RF/MW Coaxial Connections
    and right-angle versions for use terminating coaxial cables, bulkhead and flange-mount connectors for use on equipment panels and component packages, end-launch, right-angle, or vertical PCB connectors, and even push-on connectors for hard-to-reach electrical connections. But prior to World War II, the UHF
  • System Design Practice (TC4426/7/8, TC4426A/7A/8A)
    more demanding electrical environments. They will not latch up under any conditions within their power and voltage ratings. They are not subject to damage when up to 5V of noise spiking (of either polarity) occurs on the ground pin. They can accept, without damage or logic upset, up to 500mA

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