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  • High-Speed High-Current Copper Finger Brushes for Pulsed Homopolar Generator Service
    ETP copper, silicon bronze, and dispersion-strengthened (DS) copper were tested in various combinations with 4140 steel (&40), an electroless nickel coating on steel, and Ni-chrome plating on steel rubbing surfaces.
  • Utoy Creek Water Reclamation Center
    ASTM A108-03 C1045 Steel Carbon ring seals.........................ASTM C695 Fine Grain Molded Graphite ASTM A276 Type 316A Stainless Steel Labyrinth seals................................ASTM Z35840 Alloy Zinc Aluminum 12 Baffle rings..................................ASTM A36 Electroless Nickel Plated Steel Shaft ................. ASTM A322 Grade 4140 CT HRS (special material offered) Impellers ..............................................
  • ZASMHBA0001264
    306 / Plating and Electroplating Table 11 Applications of electroless nickel plating Application Automotive Base metal Coating thickness(a) ~tm mils Reason for use Aluminum Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Brass Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Carburized steel Steel Aluminum Steel Powdered... ...Steel Aluminum Steel Alloy steel Alloy steel Aluminum Steel Steel Steel Aluminum Stainless steel Brass/stainless steel Steel 4140 Steel Steel Alloy steel...
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement of Electroplated High Strength Steels
    Static fatigue limits were determined for SAE 4140 steel electroplated with cadmium and chromium. The use of cadmium and electroless nickel preplates as barriers to hydrogen diffusion was proven unsatisfactory as... An H-11 type tool steel, plated with nickel and cadmium and baked at 600 F, produced...
  • ZIMR1200P015
    ...for the order of adhesion expected, and for this reason it would be useful if figures for a variety of organjc coatings, and for a variety of metal coatings applied by metal spraying, vacuum deposition, electroplating, electroless plating , gaseous reduction plating, galvanising... ...64 for example, quoted values of 16,400 Ib/in 2 for chromium on steel , dropping to 400... ...used the technique to determine the adhesion of chromium electrodeposited on to AISI 4140 steel in the...
  • Discussion
    2) Do you have a procedure for testing coatings, such as chrome plate "D-gun," or electroless nickel? In some of the earlier test series, reversals in the ranking order of 1080 and 4140 steels were observed.
  • Diesel Engine Cylinder Bore Coating for Extreme Operating Conditions
    The liners were all hardened 4140 steel sleeves with a 1.5mm wall thickness pressed into the parent baseline air cooled cast iron cylinder liner. ...size and synthesizer of the SiC may also be different, but basically the plating consists of micron... ...of NickaSil™ coatings and the other coatings is NickSil™ platers, both eletro and electroless , recommend the mating...
  • Converting Wells in a Mature West Texas Field for C02 Injection
    Both packers have durometer hardnesses of 80 or less, both are equipped with on-off connectors and profile nipples and both are externally electroless nickel plated with an internal plastic coating. The on-off sealing connectors are made with 4140 steel with a nickel plating.
  • Future Trends in Production Engineering
    4140 ...7 Microscope and AFM image of a diamond cutting tool after machining a nitrocarburized steel workpiece (42CrMo4 Compared to the wear occurring in diamond machining of electroless nickel-phosphor platings this wear is slightly higher [4].
  • Abstracts of metal working literature
    The ball and shank length are machined from hot rolled 4140 alloy steel while the socket is hot rolled 1020 steel. The laminar flow gas restrictor is a series of parallel Al plates , spaced 0.004-0.016in. Electroless Nickel--an .
  • ZSWAT2001P143
    Successful trial runs have been conducted for surface hardening AISI 1040 rods, AISI 1040 and AISI 4140 flats, and AISI 1060 agricultural plow blades and sharp tool steel die cutter blades. ...series of hexagonal mirrors) and secondary (an attenuator with a vertically opposed two- plate design) concentrators and... ...Coatings In this group, thin film coating processes such as conversion coating, electroplating, electroless deposition, and vapor...
  • Surface Engineering for Enhanced Performance against Wear
    ...139 XRD analysis, 141 ferritic stainless steel, 262 hybrid processing, 261 laser-glazed plasma-sprayed and detonation-sprayed coatings, 263 laser surface gas alloying, 260 laser transformation hardened steels , 261 laser-treated boronised... ...wear resistance, 30–31 Accelerators electroless nickel deposit, 199, 202... ...analysis, 141 aluminising, 126–127 applications aircraft engine parts, 142 clutch pin and clutch plates , 142–143 food industry... ...surface modification treatment, 112 vacuum, 117 chromising, 128 concentration gradient, 111 nitriding AISI 4140 steel, 118–119 gas...
  • Ring Shear Testing of Deposited Coatings
    nickel copper, nickel nickel nickel nickel copper, zinc nickel copper, electroless nickel nickel nickel shrinkable tubing so that plating only takes place in the vicinity of the desired test ring. 400 Cobalt - A l j O , deposit on 4140 steel (Chen et. al. reference 21) D .

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