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  • Actuator with Diode
    to a better design. Electromagnetic specialists since 1978. Home. Products. MagNet. MotorSolve. BLDC - Brushless DC & PMAC. DCM - Brushed DC, Wound Field. IM - Induction Machine. SRM - Switched Reluctance Machine. Thermal. Opal-RT eDRIVEsim Export. ElecNet. ThermNet. OptiNet. Options. Trajectory Evaluator
  • Toward the Instant-On Actuator
    It is important to understand what factors can delay the turn-on of devices that employ electromagnetic action. A typical magnetic-solenoid actuator is axisymmetric, because it has a central axis around which all its parts are revolved, including its cylindrical plunger armature made of solid steel
  • Linear actuators get a servo look
    , and piston friction. Direct-drive linear-actuator technology can provide a better approach. Direct drive refers to motion created by the direct application of electromagnetic drive force, rather than through a belt, ball screw, or some other intermediate drive. Of course, servomotors have been used
  • Hybrid Linear Actuators: Technical Overview
    actuator itself. Description. The basic stepper motor creates rotary motion of a magnet rotor core through the uses of pulses and electromagnetic field passing around the core. Linear actuators convert this rotational motion into a linear motion, with the precise dependent of the step angle
  • Medical Device Link .
    this technology as a platform, Artificial Muscle has produced smartMove actuators. Advantages of the actuators over traditional electromagnetic actuators or solenoid valves include lighter weight, better power efficiency, and virtually no heat generation, according to Bashkin. He adds that electric
  • Better Metal Forming: Magnetic Pulses "Bump " Metal Into Shape
    is then washed from the metal and disposed of, at a significant cost. With conventional stamping equipment and lubricant, the deepest pan they could create without tearing the aluminum was 1.7 inches (4.4 centimeters). After placing electromagnetic actuators in the same equipment and using the bump forming
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Because they are optimized for high RPM speed, typical output torque is limited. Newer high-torque, low-RPM drives have been developed that hold great promise for rotary fatigue testing. Rotary and Linear Stepper Motors. These types of actuators use an electromagnetic design that is similar
  • Operating Principles for Inductive Proximity Sensors
    Inductive proximity sensors are used for non-contact detection of metallic objects. Their operating principle is based on a coil and oscillator that creates an electromagnetic field in the close surroundings of the sensing surface. The presence of a metallic object (actuator) in the operating area

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