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    In the 1970s, the Japanese and Americans were looking for alternatives to relocate their increasingly uncompetitive electronic assembly work relying on high cost labor at home .
  • Transportation folklore important to systems analysis
    Much other work can be done at home ; keypunch- ing of business machine cards, manufacturing electronic sub- assemblies , all .
  • Course and Prognostic Factors for Neck Pain in Workers
    … years later.27 In women with neck pain who worked in the electronic manufacturing industry, work type within the assembly line, duration of employ … … characteristics such as hours at work, heavy lifting, overhead … … study in- volving nursing home workers.18 The 2 …
  • Supply research in the ophthalmology
    2   Auswahl der Themenwünsche für  of supply research projects Augenversorgung nach Regionen  (city / Land und nach Bundesländern) Vergleich der Augenversorgung in Deutsch- land mit dem europäischen und aussereuro- päischen Ausland Einfluss von IGeL auf den Zugang und das Er- gebnis der ophthalmologischen Versorgung Patientenpräferenzen und  …
  • Snappily meters Rollout
    … management or the decision makers to ensure the in advance optimal conditions for the later installation work . Contexts exemplarily like to illustrate two facets concerning the apparatus and system technique to set: The counter in plug-in technique, so-called electronic budget counters, is selected (eHZ) to in particular additional assembly possibilities for MUCs / Gateways or additional devices …
  • Factory planning and factory operation
    Example: Electronic devices (VDI 2343 − structure of the logistical chain of the detection (collection), disassembly, preparation … … storage − disassembly: Individually, teilautomatische and/or fully automatic decomposition into assemblies and fractions (material revenue and employment cost determination) − preparation … … the function provision for budget large appliances (Brüning and …
  • Health telematics
    In continuous and well organized working manner, both the syntactic structure and the content-related determinations of message types … … insert of standards led very much quickly also to it that the HL7 … … application systems in the hospital , but as a whole … … draft developed from these message type-definitions of a generic reference model for Electronic patient acts or …
  • Building material and construction
    The test power passes on the one hand through the building of domestic works (weight one third) that are electronically delivered and are eingepflegt in an enzyklopädisches system according to the example of Wikipedia. Works "disappear" therefore not in a drawer, but students work together over years off on the structure of a database for Non-Destructive test (" ZfP-Wiki ").
  • Experimenting field East middle Europe?
    Instead, the work preparation became and is constructed logistics with aid of a parent company delegate before location. Against the solid resistance of average management and affected engineers at the home country base, the development of electronic assemblies was finally also delivered at Elektroczech.
  • noun.artifact (
    … for guiding handsaws in making crosscuts or miter joints) } { miter_joint, mitre_joint, [ miter2,,+ ] mitre2, joint1,@ (joint that forms a corner; usually both sides are bevelled at a 45-degree angle … … mixer1, verb.change:mix2,+ ] electronic _equipment,@ (electronic equipment … whose delicately balanced parts can be set in motion by air currents) } { mobile_ home , manufactured_home, trailer,@ housing,@ (a large … … Americans) } { mock-up, model,@ (full-scale working model of something built … … circuit consisting of an assembly of electronic components (as …