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  • Medical Liquid-Level Applications with Enhanced Capacitive Sensor Technology (.pdf)
    . 50 - 80. Polypropylene. 2.3. Polyvinyl Chloride. 3.1. Acetone. 19.5. PTFE. 2.0. Alcohol, Isopropyl. 18.3. Rubber. 2.5 - 35. Ethanol. 24. Glycerin. 47. Hydrochloric Acid. 4.6. Hydrogen Peroxide. 86. Chlorine, liquid. 2.0. In order to see the full capability of capacitive sensors in liquid level
  • Passive Sensing of Driver Intoxication (.pdf)
    for a driver. [10]. Sensor lifetime is an issue with electrochemical. with BAC = 0.08 g/dL we use cEB = 189.1 ppm, as. ethanol sensors. discussed in the Introduction. Another intoxication monitor uses an electrochemical. The ambient CO2 concentration cCN is determined by. ethanol sensor that is worn
  • Provitamin D Doped Silica and Polymeric Films:
    was investigated by UV absorption spectroscopy. Remarkable changes in the absorption spectrum of 7-DHC were observed in silica and polyvinyl alcohol films as compared. with ethanol solution, only in polyvinyl butyral film the spectrum was very nearly, while the spectral kinetics of. 7-DHC
  • Improved Wastewater Treatment at Hess Collection Winery
    with state discharge limits. Wineries generate a strong organic wastewater that is highly depending on production activities. Dissolved constituents in the wastewater include sugars, ethanol, organic acids, aldehydes, other microbial fermentation products, and soaps and detergents from cleanup operations
  • Spying on Crop Residue
    more residue removal for ethanol production without harm. Daughtry is an agronomist and Doraiswamy an agricultural meteorologist with the ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland. "Tillage intensity " is defined by the percentage of soil covered by residue from the previous
  • IR Characterization of Bi-Propellant Reaction Control Engines During Auxiliary Propulsion Systems Tests at NASA's White Sands Test Facility In Las Cruces, New Mexico
    This paper describes the application of a FLIR Systems A40M infrared (IR) digital camera for thermal monitoring of a Liquid Oxygen (LOX) and Ethanol bi-propellant Reaction Control Engine (RCE) during Auxiliary Propulsion System (APS) testing at the National Aeronautics & Space Administration's
  • Soliphant FTM 30 Switch Point for Blockage Detection
    Microsoft Word - CS0229_ae.doc. Blockage Detection in Corn Conveyor on Top of. Silo. Soliphant II - FTM30 is used to detect blockage in ethanol processing. Con conveyor. Ethanol is. Ethanol is added. on top of silo. processed from corn. to automobile gasoline. Soliphant II - FTM30 is used to detect
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The reagents are presented to the MIAflo instrument in standard ELISA plates, and eight syringes operate simultaneously to deliver the reagents. A capture antibody (Ab) is immobilized on ethanol-activated filters. A 1% BSA antigen (Ag), a second tracer biotinylated antibody (Ab-biotin), and magnetic beads

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