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  • Assessment of Eutectic Solder Phase Growth in Under-The-Hood Power Control Modules (.pdf)
    of Eutectic Solder Phase Growth in. Under-The-Hood Power Control Modules. Craig Hillman. DfR Solutions. Andre Kleyner. Delphi Delco. 2005 SAE World Congress. Detroit, Michigan. April 11-14, 2005. 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001 U.S.A. Tel: (724) 776-4841 Fax: (724) 776-5760 Web
  • Gold Tin The Unique Eutectic Solder Alloy (.pdf)
    The eutectic gold-tin alloy is 80%Au/20%Sn with a eutectic of 280°C (556°F) and is reflowed in a pure nitrogen or forming gas* atmosphere, which forms the "flux", normally onto gold based metallisations. The peak reflow temperature is usually 320-340°C in a bell shaped profile, with a dwell time
  • AN3017: Procedure for MSAG MMIC AuSn Eutectic Solderability
    The following procedure is M/A-COM's recommended instruction for eutecticly attaching die to pedestals. 2.1 The following are materials and supplies required to perform eutectic soldering. Solder Preforms: A. 80/20 AuSn B. Approximately 100% die coverage C. Approximately 1 mil thick Gases: A. N2
  • Reliability Study Conducted: Leadless Chip Thermistor with High Temperature Solder Leach Resistant Gold Contacts, Die Mounted with Eutectic Au/Sn Solder by Customer (.pdf)
    with High Temperature Solder. Leach Resistant Gold Contacts, Die Mounted with Eutectic Au/Sn Solder by Customer. Study Period: 2000 to 2001. This report is a summary of the information contained in the full report with the file name. “CornerstoneT041ThermReliabilityReport.pdf,” which came from
  • Solder Reflow Recommendation
    ), melting and eutectic temperatures also change, requiring modification to the solder reflow profile. AN233 Solder Reflow Recommendation AN233. Solder Reflow Recommendation. BASICS OF THE REFLOW PROCESS. Author: Ravi Sharma. Microchip Technology Inc. Lead-free soldering techniques have been
  • High Melting Lead-Free Mixed BiAgX Solder Paste System
    Although lead-free soldering has been main stream in the industry since 2006. with the replacement of the eutectic SnPb system by the SnAgCu system, the. development of drop-in lead-free alternatives for high melting high lead solder. alloys is still far from mature. The BiAg alloy exhibits
  • Solder Reflow Information
    to Change Without Notice. • November 17, 2005. 1. APPLICATION NOTE • SOLDER REFLOW INFORMATION. Recommended Solder Reflow Profiles. Profile Feature. SnPb Eutectic. Lead (Pb)-Free (SnAgCu). Ramp rate. 0.5–2.0 °C/sec. 0.5–2.0 °C/sec. Preheat (soak). Temperature min. (TSMIN). Reference solder paste
  • How to use Fusible Alloys (.pdf)
    Fusible alloys are materials that melt at less then 300°F, well below the melting point of tin-lead eutectic solders and SAC alloys. Bismuth is the major component of many of these alloys and influences the melting point, as well as gives these materials the unique characteristic of expansion upon