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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DM183022 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided connector, to allow connection to standard expansion boards. Serial bootloader ready (see AN851). 32 kHz crystal for Real Time Clock demonstration...
DV164136 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided adjusts to accommodate 3V device). A switch selects the desired processor. ● Supports many other PIC18 devices with Plug-In Modules, supporting 28 to 80-pin PIC18 devices. ● PICtail ™ daughter board connector for connection to standard expansion boards such as Ethernet, speech playback...
DM240311 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided PIC24F devices in 20 or 28-pins. ● Current measurement terminals allow device or board level current measurements. ● PICtail ™ daughter board connector for connection to expansion boards such as RF, SD/MMC Cards, Speech Playback and more. ● mTouch ™ capacitive sensing...
STK600-TQFP44 Atmel Corporation Atmel Corporation Not Provided Socket Board for the 44-pin TQFP 0.8mm Pitch Devices Expansion Module for STK600
STK600-TQFP32 Atmel Corporation Atmel Corporation Not Provided Socket and Adapter Boards for 32-pin TQFP 0.8mm Pitch Devices Expansion Module for STK600
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  • Using the PC/104-Plus (PCI) Interface for System Expansion Cards
    , such as VersaLogic's Pentium-class Jaguar board, allows high speed expansion boards to be added to the stack in the same way as lower-speed ISA boards. In order to take advantage of this high speed interface, designers will need to better understand the characteristics of the PC/104-Plus bus
  • How expansion joints improve performance of mechanical seals
    This article will examine the stresses and forces induced by thermal strain on pump systems and provide guidance on relieving these potentially damaging loads. News & Industry Links from Metraflex: Expansion Joints Improve Performance of Mechanical Seals. VIDEOS. REVIT (R)/CAD BIM FILES. METRALOOP
  • Features of the StackableUSB TM Interface: A New Specification for I/O Expansion in Embedded PCs
    into embedded board-level products, for example, the evolution of Stackable USB developed by Micro/sys. ��. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS SPECIAL. Features of the. StackableUSB interface. A new specification for I/O expansion in embedded PCs. that allow flexibility in their design. USB goes embedded with. BY SUSAN
  • I/O Expansion Using the MCP23X08 and PIC10F202
    This application note discusses using the MCP23008 and MCp23S08 GPIO Expanders with a 6-pin PIC10F202 microcontroller unit (MCU). The discussion is based on the MCP23X08 Evaluation Board, P/N:MCP23008DM. An I/O expander is used to increase the I/O capability of microcontrollers. The microcontroller
  • Hardware Techniques for PICmicro Microcontrollers
    -. figured often enough to appear that both LEDs are. active at the same time. It is best to keep each LED on. for the same amount of time and reserve time slots in. the multiplexing for the LEDs that are not lit. If the.  2003 Microchip Technology Inc. DS00234A-page 3. FIGURE 8: DIGIT EXPANSION USING
  • Interfacing a 4x4 Matrix Keypad with an 8-Bit GPIO Expander
    expansion using pin (INT), which will be explained in detail later. 2 C TM and SPI. Theystandard serial interfaces such as I Interrupt-On-Change Feature are especially useful in applications where pin count is limited on the microcontroller unit (MCU) or if remote The MCP23X08 devices have one
  • Medical Device Link .
    Mezz and Searay connectors enhance personality and expansion cards used in medical equipment and other high-technology applications. Their employment can simplify PCB routing without sacrificing performance and can provide advanced electrical and mechanical features cost-effectively. Using patented
  • Automotive Tier 1 Supplier Uses MTI's Laser System to Improve Torque Converter Design
    Improper operation of a torque converter can lead to poor performance, premature system failure or worse, compromise the operation of the entire vehicle drive line. Knowing the axial displacement and dynamic expansion characteristics of a torque converter provides engineers valuable information
  • How to Calculate Installation Stress of a Retaining Ring
    Retaining rings are installed by compressing into a bore (for internal rings) or expanding over a shaft(for external rings). This compression or expansion is normal and should not affect ring performance; however, too much compression or expansion may cause a ring to take a permanant set. Since
  • Unique Features for the MCP23X08/17 GPIO Expanders
    port pin. The port can either drive logic levels on the. pin, or read logic levels from the pad. The level on the. GPIO expanders provide easy I/O expansion using. pad can be read at any time, regardless if the pin is. standard serial interfaces. GPIO products are used to. configured as an input

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