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  • Medical Device Link . Standards, Guidelines, and Recommendations
    requirements examine environmental performance, thermal characteristics, alarms, sound levels, CO2 concentration, fire prevention, mechanical and construction requirements, and electrical characteristics. Infusion Devices (ANSI/AAMI ID26 1992) Establishes minimum labeling, safety, performance
  • Products in Action
    is widely used in semiconductor processing, is the primary concern. Aside from the obvious safety issues, the lack of an effective monitoring approach can mean disruption of operations caused by false alarms. SonoSense acoustic sensing technology (TeloSense, Fremont, CA) reliably and specifically monitors
  • Hydrogen Gas Detection in Oil Refineries
    walls to form hydrides, which weaken the lattice structure of the material. In oil refineries, the first step in the escalation of fire and detonation is loss of containment of the. gas. Hydrogen leaks are typically caused by defective seals or gaskets, valve misalignment, or. failures of flanges
  • Generator Fuel Tanks
    piping and fittings are attached to the primary tank, the important ones being fuel supply and return, air vent, emergency pressure relief valve and high and low level fuel alarms. The tank fill system has to be designed such that there is no spillage during filling and the inlet valve automatically
  • Gas Sensor Placement Guidelines (.pdf)
    ). comprehensive hazard assessment, data. logging, system operation, system alarm. •. Interfering gases. response and alarm procedures at the. facility. A. Use engineering judgment. Chart 1: Gas Weight in Relation to Air for. There are no complete and definitive. Typical Gases. regulations or guidelines
  • Using Purge and Pressurization to Prevent Explosions
    : An alarm must be raised (as a minimum) if pressurization fails. Most commercially available purge control units have options for 'alarm' and 'alarm and trip' so that the user can select the appropriate measures. North America Requirements. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 496 standard
  • Solvent Recovery System Keeps Presses Rolling At World's Largest Gravure Printing Plant
    system's adsorbers, and monitors valve actions, pressures, flows, levels and other process variables, including VOC emissions. A color monitor graphically displays the operational sequence and data, and produces on-screen alarm logs and daily reports. The company recently installed two Amcec ECOVAP
  • Arc Flash Safety 1, 2, 3
    Conference. 360° Product Review. Supplier News. OPConnect. SPS Magazine. Pack Expo 2013. Automate 2013. Search form. Topics. Alarm Management. Safety. Security. Alternative Energy. Training. Products. Control. Drives/Motors. HMI. Sensors. Networking. Power Management. Factory Automation. Aerospace